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  1. It's definitely NOT cellphones killing the honeybees!
  2. 454 sequencing identifies rare virus which causes deaths in organ transplants...
  3. Error-correcting barcoded primers for pyrosequencing hundreds of samples in multiplex
  4. PubMed: Rapid transcriptome characterization for a nonmodel organism using 454 pyrosq
  5. PubMed: A probabilistic method for small RNA flowgram matching.
  6. PubMed: Pyrobayes: an improved base caller for SNP discovery in pyrosequences.
  7. PubMed: Metagenomics: Read length matters.
  8. Next-gen sequencing and microRNA discovery
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  10. PubMed: Genome-wide allele-specific expression analysis using Massively Parallel Sign
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  21. PubMed: Survey of bacterial diversity in chronic wounds using Pyrosequencing, DGGE, a
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  23. Genome Res De novo bacterial genome sequencing: millions of very short reads assembly
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  25. PubMed: Velvet: Algorithms for De Novo Short Read Assembly Using De Bruijn Graphs.
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  27. Helicos sequencing: Single-Molecule DNA Sequencing of a Viral Genome
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  29. PubMed: Species detection using environmental DNA from water samples.
  30. PubMed: DNA bar coding and pyrosequencing to analyze adverse events in therapeutic ge
  31. PubMed: High-Throughput Single Copy DNA Amplification and Cell Analysis in Engineered
  32. Jim Watson in Excruciating Detail: 454/Baylor Publish Complete Genome Sequence
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  34. PubMed: Direct resequencing of the complete ERBB2 coding sequence reveals an absence
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  40. PubMed: A high-resolution, nucleosome position map of C. elegans reveals a lack of un
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  42. WTSS, SQRL or RNA-seq
  43. PubMed: Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Methods.
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  45. Mapping transcriptomes by RNA-Seq
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  96. PubMed: Deep sequencing-based expression analysis shows major advances in robustness,
  97. PubMed: DDBJ dealing with mass data produced by the second generation sequencer.
  98. The Economist: Nanopore Sequencing, the Hole Story
  99. SOCS: Efficient mapping of Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequence data to a ref genome...
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  109. HLA typing
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  115. PubMed: A large genome center's improvements to the Illumina sequencing system.
  116. PubMed: High-resolution mapping of copy-number alterations with massively parallel se
  117. Syndicate posts to this Forum?
  118. New human genome analysis papers?
  119. PubMed: Dye-Free Gene Expression Detection by Sequence-Tagged Reverse-Transcription P
  120. PubMed: Transcriptome-wide identification of novel imprinted genes in neonatal mouse
  121. PubMed: Advantages and limitations of next-generation sequencing technologies: A comp
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  131. PeakSeq enables systematic scoring of ChIP-seq experiments relative to controls.
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  137. PubMed: Next is now: new technologies for sequencing of genomes, transcriptomes, and
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  146. The Short Read Headache
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  227. The number two-ome
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  249. intro/review recommendation
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