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  1. An inside look at Pacific Biosciences technologies...
  2. Roundup of next-next-gen in Nat Meth
  3. Nat. Methods: (Next)^2 Generation Sequencing Roundup
  4. ZS Genetics
  5. Pac Bio raises $100mill for sequencer commercialization
  6. ABC News feature on PacBio
  7. Complete Genomics launches Sequencing by Hybridization service
  8. Mobious Biosystems: A new player in the third-gen space uncloaks....
  9. Pacific Bio releases some details on SMRT Sequencer read lengths, library prep
  10. Invitrogen acquires single molecule startup Visigen!
  11. NabSys 3rd gen
  12. Oxford Nanopore
  13. Pac Bio Proof-of-Concept Science Paper on Single-Molecule Sequencing Technology
  14. Oxford Nanopore and Illumina Announce Strategic Alliance
  15. Complete Genomics releases its first draft genome. Come get our data!
  16. Lightspeed Genomics?
  17. Question and Confuse about Complete Genomics
  18. Ibm
  19. PacBio reveals (few) commercial specs
  20. PacBio Output Format
  21. New IonTorrent Website
  22. Ion Torrent Grant Program
  23. Some commentary on recent PacBio paper (and GnuBio)
  24. Life Tech Acquires Ion Torrent
  25. Advantages of third-generation
  26. Ion Torrent versus 454 FLX Junior
  27. Avantome technology
  28. Complete Genomics User Group Meeting
  29. Roche, DNA Electronics Partner on Semiconductor-based Sequencing
  30. Help finish the pipeline for human whole exome sequencing with paired reads data
  31. Can Ion Torrent be useful for microRNA sequencing?
  32. Iontorrent article
  33. Ion Torrent: Hype cycle status “disillusionment”
  34. List of next-next gen...
  35. Dream Machine
  36. Error message from QC metrics
  37. Current status of nanopore and iontorrent
  38. "Max-Seq"
  39. NHGRI funds development of revolutionary DNA sequencing technologies
  40. Genia
  41. Oxford Nanopore to introduce "disruptive technology" at AGBT
  42. New Tech at AGBT
  43. When does a company graduate?
  44. ONT error model and quality scoring
  45. First info on the miniSeq
  46. finding compound mutations in Excel file
  47. Lighting Terminator paper in NAR
  48. ERROR per nucleotide in a set of reads--calculation
  49. Hitachi Nanopore
  50. NIH nanopore grants awarded
  51. Oxford Nanopore @ ASHG
  52. Major challenges of nanopore sequencing
  53. Finally a nanopore sequencer that works
  54. NimbleGen SeqCap EZ exome V1
  55. Iprscan output problem
  56. Sfaf 2013
  57. Any use for a 20 base sequencer?
  58. Quantum Biosystems
  59. ONT MAP - what do you plan to do with it?
  60. Oxford Nanopore Should Have It's Own Forum?
  61. GnuBIO acquired by Bio-Rad
  62. The future just got further away for two clinical NGS platforms
  63. Oxford Nanopore MAP: quantitative transcriptomics?
  64. Oxford Nanopore user perspective
  65. MIPs/MIPgen - multiplexing pipeline
  66. New sequencing technologies? Want to start another sequencing company?
  67. How to deal with this problem? Reordersam treat bam file
  68. Help and guidance needs with identification of Transposable elements
  69. Failed assembly due to memory limits in pyRAD
  70. Length read
  71. Agilent ChIP-chip data analysis in R for bacteria
  72. New player?
  73. TopHat/ Cufflinks & ...EdgeR?
  74. Junctions.bed file in hisat2?
  75. Mitochondrial heteroplasmy level detection
  76. QuantumSi
  77. Genome assembly and annotation tips sharing