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  1. Personalized Genomics Challenges: Trust Google with my Genome?
  2. Navigenics will offer Next Gen Sequencing in addition to HTP Affy SNP Genotyping
  3. deCODE Genetics Announces Personalized Genomics Service
  4. Initial Review of deCODEme Personal Genomics Service
  5. 23andme Opens for Business: Let the genotyping begin!
  6. deCODEme service updates, Nov. 23
  7. Genetic Freedom: How soon until the FDA shackles 23andMe/deCODEme?
  8. Startup "Knome" offers complete genome sequence for $350k!
  9. deCODEme opens sample data set, check it out!
  10. An inside look at 23andme results via TechCrunch
  11. New York State has a lot of nerve...
  12. Personal genome meeting this Oct at CSH
  13. Welcome to the Nanny State...err....California
  14. California gets its act together: OK's Navigenics and 23andMe
  15. 23andMe cuts cost to $399! UPDATED...cut to $99
  16. The realities of personal genomics bite Google founder Sergey Brin
  17. pgp10 exomes
  18. Illumina Announces Personal Genome Sequencing Service
  19. Wally Gilbert
  20. Can we sequence the Y Chromosome
  21. U.S. Says Genes Should Not Be Eligible for Patents
  22. Admixture Test Summary
  23. New low-cost, rapid method for reading genomes uses recognition tunneling
  24. Firefox plug-in 5AM Solutions, 23andMe customers can see their genotype info
  25. 23andMe: FREE* genotyping, today only!
  26. Knome Technology
  27. The site for Watson's genome download
  28. Interpretome: new online tools for analysing personal genome data
  29. Ancestry haplogroup type information DB?
  30. GenGIS, a geospatial information system for genetic and genomic data
  31. New open software tool for 23andme and Decodeme results
  32. Drew Berry is one of the great movie-makers of the molecular world
  33. Recruiting Iranian Americans for Iranian Genome Project!
  34. Whole-genome sequencing data offer insights into human demography
  35. What can we do about gene patents?
  36. SmartPhone APP for personalized genome
  37. Breaking the Genome Bottleneck
  38. Information on exome data sharing
  39. My 23andMe Trio Exomes Arrived: Sneak Peek
  40. National Geographic and Family Tree DNA Announce Geno 2.0
  41. Life Technologies acqured Navigenics
  42. Converting PED to 23andme?
  43. New charts for 23andme ancestry composition 22 populations worldwide
  44. Price reduction for 23andMe test now $99
  45. AMY-tree: an algorithm to use whole genome SNP calling for Y chromosomal phylogenetic
  46. Free software for SNP analysis (e.g., Interpretome)
  47. Latest 1000Genome to use for Admixture
  48. How to analyze your own exome
  49. Google launches Calico - a new company focused on health and well-being
  50. When will 23andMe switch to exome sequencing?
  51. Genetic Ancestry Project
  52. mtDNA variance in ONE individual
  53. Genomapp analyzes 23andMe raw data
  54. Veritas genetics launches $999 whole genome and sets new standard for genetic testing
  55. GENOS $399 DTC WES CLIA Genos offers affordable CLIA exome sequencing to consumer
  56. Xcode Life's DNA raw data analysis
  57. DNA preservation at room temperature
  58. Bione Genetic Testing for Cancer