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  1. Terms defining sequencing accuracy
  2. Cost of nucleotides
  3. 454 vs Solexa
  4. Comprehensive Review of Genomic Enrichment Technologies for Next Gen Sequencing
  5. Does anyone have experience with Nanosphere's Verigene system?
  6. Magnetically assembled ordered arrays will speed NGS on all platforms
  7. Let's pretend I have $500K to spend
  8. OpGen: Optical Restriction Mapping as replacement for Mate Pair Sequencing?
  9. In Sequence: ABI, Illumina Upgrade Their Sequencers As Sequencing Demand Accelerates
  10. In Sequence: Salk’s Ryan Lister On Sequencing the Arabidopsis Epigenome
  11. Fancy a peek inside Sanger's Illumina GA Pipeline?
  12. (Genographia) resource for HTS
  13. If you could use next-gen sequencing technology to answer any question....
  14. 454 vs. SOLiD
  15. Cost comparison
  16. What's your suggestion to the paper title?
  17. Bioteam's WikiLIMS
  18. Genomic enrichment on non-model organisms...
  19. CLC Bio
  20. Adapter sequence
  21. NGS platform: To buy or not to buy?
  22. Maq and indel discovery
  23. SNP/mutation Using Illumina Paired-end Data
  24. Alkaline Hydrolisis and End Repair
  25. paired end sequencing - direct/incerted repeats
  26. cosmid clone sequencing (novel genes)
  27. Barcode of plants
  28. templiphi dna extraction
  29. Simulated Dataset of Solexa
  30. Next Gen versus SAGE sequencing error
  31. Fragmentation
  32. Centromere (just wondering)
  33. Singles only
  34. Additional accessories for NGS
  35. Amplicon concatentation for Solexa
  36. Fluidigm can help with sequencing?
  37. running out of disk space (Solexa)
  38. Meaning of "Lane" in Solexa Sample Preparation
  39. where can i found raw data generated by solexa
  40. How to install tffind in Mac
  41. Interpreting Quality Score (Solexa)
  42. "Jury Confirms Illumina's Ownership of IP Relating to ABI's SOLiD "
  43. Running Mira
  44. Genome alignment/analysis question
  45. calling SNPs
  46. forward and reverse sequance
  47. Where to start
  48. homozygous and heterozygos
  49. Abasic sites
  50. Ligases for Chip-Seq prep
  51. Comprehensive Sequencing Review
  52. big dye temperature?
  53. Cost of next generation sequncing
  54. Expected salary of analyst (MS)?
  55. SRA data submission
  56. Solexa adapters
  57. next-gen sequencing in diagnostics
  58. Masked/Unmasked Reference Genome
  59. Adapter sequences
  60. puzzled by trinucleotide repeats test
  61. entire and partial run
  62. Google maps for next-gen facilities
  63. alignable portion of a genome
  64. Patents on gene sequences challenged
  65. The coverage of re-sequencing sample
  66. Genome similarity measures
  67. GAIIx VS Solid3
  68. Sequencing Nimblegen on Solexa
  69. Is short-read sequencing a haploid or diploid sequencing?
  70. need help
  71. Public understanding of genomics
  72. market research
  73. NGS data submission for regulatory authorities
  74. can some one introduce me to next generation sequencing??
  75. IVC plot
  76. TopHat output and USCS genome browser question
  77. How to send my cDNA library?
  78. Dont get the updates from FORUM
  79. 454 Life Sciences Celebrates a Milestone in Genomic Sequencing
  80. Hydroshear for sale!
  81. ChIP-Seq Biological Replicates
  82. Illumina vs GA2 comparison
  83. Quick GWAS Survey, Want to see what everyone is up to, Response data will be provided
  84. Join Genomic Pioneers Gateway
  85. Mappability or "why my mapping is biased?"
  86. large rearrangements
  87. Why Do a Gene's Reads Appear on Both Strands?
  88. Discussion the general pipeline to analyze 454, Illumina/Solexa data
  89. How do I sequence the area around a random trangene insert?
  90. ChIP-seq Newbie
  91. Looking for an interested party
  92. PE libraries on a SR FC
  93. Getting started 454, academic center has no apparent core facility
  94. Slides for dessimination
  95. Platform comparison of read lengths
  96. Next Gene Software for Solexa - SNP Indel detection
  97. Pros and Cons of NextGen Sequencers
  98. matching unmapped paired SOLiD reads
  99. The inaugural edition of our ‘On the Trail of Genomic Pioneers’ interview series
  100. GPUs for Sequencing
  101. Total reads in Illumina run
  102. reference sequence naming
  103. miRNA northern analysis
  104. Success of Solexa-platform
  105. Second-gen sequencing and lab productivity
  106. Swap memory size
  107. Instrument statistics, anyone?
  108. Frozen flow cell
  109. DNA sequencing laboratory
  110. .abi to fasta/fastq conversion script/program?
  111. Solexa/helicos
  112. Q's about Hyb probe for target capture
  113. Complete installation costs for second-gen sequencer
  114. Runs of Ns in Velvet assembly?
  115. read length of SOLiD and Solexa
  116. How to build the fly genome in Bowtie
  117. help in building sequences in bowtie
  118. help with FLX 454
  119. Transcriptome database?
  120. help for papers
  121. 700bp nebulizer trace
  122. Please contribute to the Sequence Read Archives
  123. Comparison of NGS analyser tech info
  124. High-throughput oligo synthesis Agilent vs. Nimblegen
  125. NGS data transfer
  126. 454/Solid/GA - Application strengths and weaknesses
  127. Next Gen Sequencers Shipping with Servers?
  128. sequening reagents
  129. How many NGS papers?
  130. Computer hardare recommendations for assembly and annotation?
  131. Opinion on facilities in Canada?
  132. how critical is the filtering of potential PCR duplicates?
  133. Covaris MicroTubes - Reusable?
  134. Why is Illumina GA the biggest seller?
  135. Illumina GA for Virus Quasispecies Analysis
  136. Newbie Question, Getting my Terminology in Order
  137. Comparison of sequence capturing
  138. Small RNA - FlashPAGE
  139. Poly A cDNA- 454 Titanium
  140. reference sequence - splice sites
  141. Sequencing by ligation
  142. Which is for you the best platform?
  143. align to different ref assembly
  144. Bionanomatrix
  145. What is a read?
  146. Roche Junior amplicon adapters
  147. Reagent costs per run
  148. Solexa Illumina Vs SOLiD Poll and results
  149. What does mean 2 x 35 or 2 x 100 in illumina solexa?
  150. tool for plotting
  151. Re-assembly of singletons?
  152. Exon type problem asking...
  153. PacBio releases prototypes
  154. Google spreadsheet for NGS stats
  155. a tweet here n there
  156. SNPs discovery with 454
  157. RNA-Seq from FFPE Samples
  158. chromosome match position in eland files
  159. Geolocation of SEQanswers Visitors
  160. Single molecule sequencing services
  161. sequencing technologies overview
  162. Deep Analysis of 300 Samples on 454
  163. Maize Endopserm RNAseq: Cufflinks
  164. RNA-Seq & SNP/INDEL Analysis of Illumina GA Reads
  165. Newbie here - I am writing a paper on Sequencing Companies and have a few questions..
  166. Mapping rRNA reads
  167. Next Gen ISO 17025 Labs?
  168. insert size, chimeric reads/connections, scaffolding?
  169. How can one get raw read counts from RPKM values
  170. turn-key next gen companies
  171. mate pair + single read data
  172. HighSensitivity DNA unexplained peack
  173. Quantitation using DTX 800
  174. cDNA library - "tail" Agilent trace
  175. Why the cufflinks doesn't generate stdou.combined.gtf
  176. 454 nebulizer.
  177. Journal with fast turn-around?
  178. How many hours does it take to run cuffdiff
  179. Transcription Factor Peaks 3' of gene
  180. Transcription factors visualization tool for chip seq data
  181. Newbie questions on computers and programs
  182. Single direction reads for variants
  183. NGS Blogs
  184. Wig File Formats
  185. Duplication sequence
  186. Questions on Agilent SureSelect Indexing Kit
  187. How many (human) sequences?
  188. New: updated SpliceMap supports SAM format/cufflinks
  189. Eye of the next-gen storm?
  190. Size of human transcriptome/exome for coverage calculation
  191. heterozygote with ngs and homozygote with sanger seq??
  192. 454 vs. Solexa to improve sequence quality and depth
  193. Eukaryote ARB Database
  194. human genome data
  195. ISO the Identity of infectious Agents in Biological Fluids.
  196. co-factor motif co-ordinates
  197. Main difference between Interspersed repeats and tandem repeats problem asking...
  198. Scorpion genome sequencing
  199. Ngs data analysis
  200. Are UTRs parts of exons ?
  201. Contig assembly file format
  202. Function annotation
  203. Difference between mate pair and pair end
  204. retrieving reads from SRA - lack of documentation
  205. Sample mix-ups in next-gen sequencing
  206. Massive parallel amplicon sequencing on Illumina GA
  207. Roche and IBM to collaborate
  208. Agencourt SPRI Bead Plate
  209. Massive (viral?) contamination of Illumina reads
  210. sequencing exons in chip-seq
  211. Cistrome
  212. Issues in switching from GAII PE to Mate Pair?
  213. 'heatmap' tool
  214. Running crossbow on Hadoop
  215. Crossbow 1.0.0 help please
  216. Comparative genome analysis (using illumina reads)
  217. Reads length and display in tview
  218. how to determine the fist position of a genome
  219. last gen, next gen, third gen
  220. Library prep Solid4 paired-end BARCODES
  221. searching for contigs and paired data
  222. ENCODE rules?
  223. Human DNA with whole genome sequenced?
  224. SAM file error
  225. Has anyone else seen strange images in their tiles?
  226. How do I export consensus sequence from IGV?
  227. Pileup representation of indels
  228. RepeatMasker report of GRCh37
  229. transpose alignment
  230. Quality scores and sequence alignment
  231. number of TSSs and genes
  232. Help with standalone blast
  233. Annotations of rRNA genes
  234. Visualizing phosphorothioate oligonucleotides
  235. Sonication bond cleavage
  236. explain cytogenetic bands
  237. Great overview of Next Gen Sequencing Visualization Tools
  238. Threshold quality score to determine the quality read of ILLUMINA reads problem
  239. ChIP-seq in cancer cell lines
  240. Setting up and efficiency
  241. Sources of information about amplified genes (and overexpressed) in cancer
  242. How to submit Illimina fastq to SRA?
  243. Videos or Media for NGS technologies
  244. Sequencing BAC clones with NextGen
  245. Which reads are degraded mRNA?
  246. bwa, bowtie, novocraft and MAQ
  247. which program(s) to use?
  248. batch editing of ABI files
  249. transfac professional
  250. searching 454 (single read) + Illumina paired-end or matepair data