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  1. Nebulization, other shearing methods
  2. ChIP-Seq problems with library generation
  3. Covaris/Hydroshear
  4. ChIP seq sample prep for Illumina
  5. New DNA shearing technology?
  6. fomalin fixed paraffin embedded sample prep?
  7. question on DNA fragment size after shear the DNA (in Chip-seq)
  8. Enrichement and Picogreen concentrations?
  9. Caution about nebulization for sample prep
  10. Discrepancies between PicoGreen and qPCR in GA libraries
  11. Bias toward G in first nucleotide in sequence?
  12. WGA pre-Next Gen Sequencing
  13. High-Throughput DNA Shearing
  14. hybridization platform
  15. [Sample prep] Enrichment and aspecific control use with qPCR
  16. Generating polyclonal antibodies from peptides for ChIP-Seq
  17. CHiP-SEQ size and SOLiD
  18. need help with klenow
  19. solexa adapter ligation question
  20. No peaks in my ChIP Seq samples
  21. Sanger publishes amplification-free Illumina library prep paper
  22. Phi29 polymerase problem while WGA
  23. Amplicon sequencing: Method to prevent end over-representation & improve uniformity
  24. Bioanalyser traces + QC postPCR. ChIPseq Illumina protocol
  25. How do you prevent contamination?
  26. Custom Illumina adapter synthesis
  27. gel extraction protocols
  28. Library quality check using known genes
  29. Using Covaris S2 for RNA shearing
  30. sequencing 12Mb region
  31. Adaptor technologies comparison
  32. RNA-Seq: cDNA prep and fragmentation questions
  33. 3'UTR library or random primed cDNA library for quantification?
  34. Question of small quantity of cell or single cell sequencing
  35. HELP with preparing DNA for plant ChIP seq
  36. fragmenting amplicons?
  37. Standardized vs normalized libraries
  38. Sequencing Illumina mate pair libraries beyond 36bp
  39. Roche/454 Titanium Amplicon sequencing?
  40. Anyone use low concentration for ChIP-seq prep?
  41. ChIP DNA Quantitation with Low-Range PicoGreen Standard Curve
  42. Sequencing random transgene insertions
  43. HydroShear - 8 kb PE library
  44. Streptavidin bead buffers for mate pair prep kit
  45. Question about 350bp band showing up after PCR
  46. Homopolymer tract deletions in Illumina Library Preparation
  47. Ligase for DIY GAII library preps
  48. RNA-Seq when not using the Illumina Kit
  49. Shoulders/humps seen in DNA library
  50. Concentration of DNA to be denatured, loaded onto flowcell
  51. What is at the ends of sonicated DNA?
  52. Automating library prep for 454/GAII
  53. Target enrichment from pooled libraries
  54. Need Advise on the mRNA sequencing
  55. Is possible to stain with SYBR green
  56. illumina primer/adaptor concentrations
  57. New fragmentation methods
  58. Where does all the DNA go?
  59. Using of Rnase A 65C- Chip_Seq
  60. strand specificity
  61. Immobilization beads and poor libraries--anyone see a 100bp band leak through?
  62. Better library construction protocols for better coverage/assembly
  63. Covaris S2: Chromatin shearing for ChIP(-seq?)
  64. What fragment size do you use for your Illumina libraries?
  65. Illumina small RNA ladder and NEB miRNA marker
  66. Agilent Bioanalyzer refuses to size bands
  67. 454: Watch out when multiplexing MID 16 and 18!
  68. chip-seq cluster,s number
  69. help: time of adapter ligation
  70. the minimal amount of DNA required for deep-sequencing platforms!
  71. Agilent SureSelect enrichment
  72. Roche 454 for bacterial ChIP
  73. Illumina mRNA-seq protocol
  74. Quality testing of ChIP-seq library prior to sequencing.
  75. Sera-mag buffers from Illumina RNA-seq kit
  76. Number of PCR How many PCR cycles to enrich adapter-modified DNA fragments
  77. Removal of large fragments?
  78. titrate adapter & extra bands in library
  79. chip-seq
  80. Biomek fx 'how to'
  81. illumina library prep troubleshooting guide?
  82. genomic prep question
  83. need help with library prep
  84. Double AMPure size selection in Titanium 3kb span paired end library
  85. Ampure versus Ampure XP
  86. question on making libraries from pcr products
  87. ampure purification of illumina libraries
  88. Targeted Sequencing - How are you doing sample prep for your targeted sequencing prj?
  89. Covaris parameters to obtain ~200bp fragments?
  90. library prep by transposition
  91. Bioanalyzer on pre-prepped ChIP-seq samples
  92. library preparation cost
  93. Total RNA quality (Bioanalyzer trace attached)
  94. Covaris parameters to obtain 300~600bp fragments?
  95. RNA seq libraries from few hundred cells
  96. illumina alternative v1.5 protocol for small rna seq vs. the standard protocol
  97. Extreme nucleotide bias at fragment ends of Illumina mate pair library
  98. Is that possible to get library ~200 from Chip DNA ~500
  99. Heat shock ssDNA generation-Illumina
  100. Covaris RRL approach
  101. PE mRNA seq library construction
  102. Homemade Illumina mRNA-SEQ protocols
  103. Shearing Chromatin using Covaris
  104. mRNA fragmentation
  105. Bioanalyser results???
  106. Primer extension capture
  107. 4% agarose gels?
  108. NEBNext GAII Paired End Prep
  109. Spiking phiX into multiplexed libraries as well as barcode sequences
  110. Chromatin shearing for ChIP-Seq using Covaris S2
  111. RNA sample quality for 454 transcriptome sequencing
  112. Rationale for Superscript II RT use in Illumina 1st strand synthesis
  113. bioanalyzer image
  114. FLX vs Titanium library
  115. In solution capture of whole chunks of genomic DNA?
  116. insert size for illumina 72-SE
  117. Looking for covaris in San Diego-La Jolla
  118. Mate-Pair biotinylation
  119. Mate pair, high GC
  120. Low throughput DNA quantitation?
  121. Insert size with Agilent SureSelect
  122. alternatives to sera-mag bead purification
  123. insert size
  124. which qPCR to use for quantitating lib?
  125. Linker Bias in 454 Paired-End Libraries
  126. Isolation of genomic DNA
  127. Ampure XP inconsistency
  128. RNA-seq to detect expressed SNPs
  129. actual paired-end distances
  130. Can Oragene-DNA be used for targeted capture and clonal sequencing?
  131. Total RNA quality for 454
  132. NGS App-Enabling Up-Front Molecular Biology
  133. Ratio in Adapter-Ligation
  134. Sonicator
  135. Shearing methods for 454 8kb libraries
  136. YACs as a solution to repeat regions
  137. Strange higher size amplicon in ChIP seq Library!!
  138. RNA-seq library prep problem
  139. Restriction digest of RNA /DNA hybrid
  140. Covaris 96 well format
  141. Target Enrichmnet In-Solution
  142. RNA fragmentation
  143. QC of cDNA library prep for GA
  144. Strange higher band in Bioanalyzer after size selection
  145. Fragmentation of RNA or cDNA
  146. New to ChIP-seq
  147. GAIIx versus HiSeq Libraries
  148. Problems with Modified Paired End Sample Prep Protocol
  149. Ampure XP automation
  150. Successfull DNA conversion by EZ DNA Methylation-Gold kit???
  151. Inexpensive paired-end protocol
  152. In-solution SureSelect capture library to prepped sample ratio
  153. bad library prep results
  154. PCR Clean up - 96 well
  155. problems with 454 library prep
  156. Chip-seq sample prep for bacteria
  157. Sample quality for RNA_SEQ
  158. Pooling the samples
  159. Adaptors for ChIP-seq libraries
  160. RiboMinus yields
  161. SPRI-TE Illumina library preps
  162. Illumina Library Prep Issue
  163. Low concentration GA library
  164. 454 Rapid kit in metgenomics
  165. Baits length for exome capture? (Nimblegen and Aglient)
  166. normalizing small RNA libraries
  167. Mate-pair library prep for Illumina
  168. Automated size fractionation of samples or libraries
  169. Library quantification: opinions?
  170. Better to risk low concentration library or further amplification?
  171. mrna seq or directional mrna seq
  172. mag beads?
  173. Library prep using chromosome sorted DNA
  174. PW1 in SBS Sequencing Kit v2 consist of what components?
  175. Does anyone have experience of fixing mouse testis
  176. Call for European SME in target enrichment
  177. Ampure versus Qiaquick for small amounts of DNA
  178. cDNA fragmentation for SOLiD sequencing
  179. low 260/230 ratio for RNA-seq sample
  180. Generation of 3' directed cDNA libraries
  181. Insert size for paired end sequencing for identification of structural variation
  182. conventional sequencing
  183. nextera
  184. Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon 50MB kit vs 38MB kit
  185. sequalprep normalization of amplicons for titanium
  186. Paired end Illumina prep problems?
  187. Does TE buffer impact on covaris shearing?
  188. QuBit fluorimeter vs. Epoch?
  189. SMART Concatemeres
  190. Pippin Prep for size selection = win
  191. conversion of total DNA (ng) into nM
  192. ChIP library prep results (Illumina)
  193. qubit/picogreen
  194. Size selction
  195. LCL vs whole blood samples? (shearing differences)
  196. Help with denaturing low concentration Illumina PE Library
  197. Target enrichment and CNV analysis
  198. three-read barcoding and adapters
  199. Multiplexing prep.
  200. What's your favourite qPCR kit for Illumina library QC?
  201. Repeat Sequence Library Generation
  202. Barcode before exome capture
  203. Whole genome amplification prior to ChIP-Seq
  204. sequence capture and 454
  205. double AMPure size selection
  206. indexing for Hiseq
  207. mRNA library problems
  208. Chip-seq: Comment on shearing
  209. Problems with Nextera
  210. Do you size select??
  211. ScriptSeqTM mRNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit
  212. RNAseq from single cell RT?
  213. RNase treatment
  214. Do we need controls for NGS?
  215. Library prep from single-stranded DNA?
  216. need some help..covaris and dilutions
  217. high throughput DNA size selection?
  218. 4C libraries
  219. Sera-Mag oligo-dT beads
  220. Experience with nugen ovation 3 dge System
  221. tRNA sequencing?
  222. Bait tiling
  223. how much DNA is required for library preparation?
  224. Need help: Weird size selection
  225. Covaris fragmentation with 100bp reads
  226. Multiplexing without indexing sequencing
  227. Misonix Sonicator 4000
  228. Biomek FX Automation
  229. TruSeq adapter sequences
  230. GEX Second Strand Buffer
  231. Illumina Human Exome vs Agilent Human Exome
  232. Ampure XP Hack
  233. Calibration beads
  234. Capillary DNA sequencing
  235. DSN normalization
  236. DNA contamination in mRNA seq prepare
  237. Have someone use the Misonix 4000 for solexa
  238. Multiplex adapters and indexes for Illumina HiSeq
  239. bacterial RNA sequencing and rRNA removal
  240. ChIPseq: Strange Peaks after Gel Extraction
  241. Agencourt Ampure purification kit - exp date
  242. covaris shearing settings for paired end
  243. Yeast ChIP-seq; Sonication/Bioanalyzer question
  244. Size selection of ChIP-Seq library
  245. massive multiplex PCR-library for 454-sequencing
  246. RNA-seq library prep problems
  247. how to prepare home-made adapters ?
  248. EZ bead libraries/beads deposition in 5500
  249. Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100 detects no DNA
  250. Edit distance sequence tags available (link within)