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  1. First Post for New Vendor Forum
  2. Sequence capture service @ Ambry Genetics
  3. Stimulus Grants
  4. Comparative Genomics Patent...
  5. Whole Large Genome Alignment with Annotation
  6. GenomeQuest 6.0 beta
  7. Bio-Cloud from India
  8. Key Reference Whole Genomes now available for NextGENe® Software
  9. Evaluation of Targeted Enrichment Sequence Analysis Using NextGENe® Software and GS R
  10. New Paired Read Mapper designed to reduce false positives added to NextGENe® 2nd ge
  11. Invitation to GenomeQuest 6.1Beta free Basic Account
  12. Structural Variant Detection of short and long reads with NextGENe® 2nd Generation S
  13. Metagenomic Studies of Viral and Bacterial Infections using 2nd Generation Pyrosequen
  14. LIMS swap program
  15. custom adenylated adapters
  16. GenomeQuest offers easy-to-use ChIP-Seq workflow as web cloud service
  17. Ambry Genetics and SoftGenetics Form Exclusive Alliance for Extended Bioinformatics S
  18. Lab Data Tools
  19. ICBR at University of Florida adopts GenomeQuest SDM Platform
  20. New low-cost Browser/Viewer now available for NextGENe software users
  21. Enhanced version of NextGENe® software for 2nd generation sequence analysis just rele
  22. CLC bio releases version 2.0 of award-winning enterprise platform
  23. Small RNA Barcoding for Sample Multiplexing
  24. Korean "Hanwoo" bovine genome and whole SNPs announced
  25. New merge function creates Sanger Quality Sequence from NGS paired end reads
  26. Ground-breaking new algorithm for whole-genome de novo assemblie
  27. GenomeQuest Vice President Speaks on Next-Generation Sequencing: The Bioinformatics B
  28. Variant Confidence Scoring System added to NextGENe software
  29. CLC bio partners with Ion Torrent to expand high-throughput sequencing support
  30. Princeton Next Stop for GenomeQuest Sequence Data Management Tour
  31. GenomeQuests Hosts IP Seminar in Princeton, NJ
  32. DNAnexus free account: next-gen sequence analysis in the cloud
  33. Variant Comparison Tool added to NextGENe software
  34. GenomeQuest Upgrades Online Patent Searching
  35. New microRNA suite of functionality in CLC bio's Genomic Workbench
  36. NextGENe® Software Version 2.0 now available.
  37. EdgeBio Delivers End-to-End Next Gen Sequencing with CLC bio
  38. New rRNA removal kit for RNA-Seq
  39. Geneious Server Private Beta Trial Underway
  40. GenomeQuest Appoints Anthony Flynn as CMO
  41. Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit
  42. GenomeQuest and SGI Announce Whole-Genome Analysis Architecture
  43. CLC Genomics Factory - a data-crunchin' monster
  44. Geneious Pro 5.1 Beta Available Now!
  45. Bioo Scientific Chooses Eureka Genomics as its Next-Generation Sequencing Provider
  46. Ribosomal RNA removal for Gram-negative bacterial RNA
  47. Register for the Geneious Server Public Beta Trial
  48. Multi-Genome Analysis Industry Session Features Don Gregory of GenomeQuest
  49. GenomeQuest Appoints Richard Resnick as Acting CEO
  50. Geneious Pro 5.1 Available Now!
  51. GenomeQuest Appoints Richard K. Wilson 
to Science Advisory Board
  52. DNASTAR Releases Next-Gen RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq Software
  53. Case Study using SeqMan NGen at the Next-Gen Sequencing Conference
  54. AIR™ DNA Sample Prep Kits Now Available for Illumina-Compatible Sequencing Libraries
  55. New RNA-Seq library prep kit
  56. Geneious Server now available!
  57. BioSurplus pays cash for used sequencers!
  58. New! Ovation WGA FFPE and RNA-Seq FFPE workflow solutions from NuGEN Technologies
  59. New low-input rRNA removal kit, ideal for FFPE samples
  60. Geneious Pro 5.3 Beta available now!
  61. GenomeQuest Adds China Sequence Patents to IP Research Solution
  62. LIMS Made Freely Available to DNA Barcoding Community
  63. CLC bio partners and integrates with Ingenuity
  64. SureSelect Target Enrichment Now Available for Roche 454 Sequencing!
  65. Biogemma, GenomeQuest, and SGI Create First High-Performance Computing Solution...
  66. GenomeQuest and Ingenuity Systems Partner in Next-Generation Sequencing...
  67. Newest NextGENe® software version which includes Transcriptome, Forensic Analyzers no
  68. DNASTAR releases beta version of SeqMan NGen 3
  69. SeqSolve: the new NGS software solution for RNA-seq data profiling, from Integromics
  70. TimeLogic’s latest FPGA technology to be coupled with Geneious Server
  71. Annotation tools for NGS data
  72. GenomeQuest Advances Whole Genome Sequencing to Clinical Diagnostics Reporting
  73. Ion Torrent Module added to NextGENe® software
  74. DNASTAR Introduces Groundbreaking Sequence Assembly Software
  75. DNASTAR Partners With Ion Torrent
  76. SOLiD variant detection plug-in By Omixon for CLC bio’s platform
  77. Strand SI introduces Avadis NGS. NGS analysis for the rest of us!
  78. New NEXTflex DNAseq Library Prep Kits and Barcodes
  79. Geneious Pro 5.4 Beta Available Now!
  80. The NEXTflex™ PCR-Free DNA Sequencing Kit Reduces Bias in NGS Library Prep
  81. Avadis NGS version 1.2 available now!
  82. Geneious Server 1.1 Beta Now Available!
  83. DNASTAR Releases Lasergene 9
  84. Load massive data sets with Geneious Pro 5.4!
  85. NEXTflex Small RNA Sequencing Kit for Library Prep Launched
  86. Assemble Massive Datasets with Geneious Server
  87. CLC Genomics Workbench goes hand in hand with Ion Torrent data
  88. DNASTAR Releases SeqMan NGen on Linux
  89. New Ribo-Zero rRNA removal kits for plant RNA
  90. GENEWIZ and Biomatters announce strategic partnership
  91. Special discount on Ribo-Zero Kits for SEQanswers customers
  92. Automation company looking for validation of library prep platform
  93. New! Ovation RNA-Seq System V2 from NuGEN Technologies
  94. Announcing RTG Investigator: supports Complete Genomics reads
  95. RTG Investigator variant detection white paper
  96. Encore 384 Multiplex System from NuGEN
  97. RTG Investigator 2.2.1: Now supports Mac OS X along with Linux, Windows
  98. Marketing Manager - Sequencher 5.0
  99. Hello from IPRreports
  100. RTG Investigator 2.3: New Ion Torrent support, faster Complete Genomics mapping
  101. Beautiful Genome Browsing in Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta
  102. Biomatters Opens Two US Offices To Support Geneious Customer Growth
  103. DNASTAR Releases Lasergene 9.1 with Support for GWAS
  104. Assemble RNA-Seq data with TopHat in Geneious Server!
  105. Encore NGS Library Systems for Ion Torrent from NuGEN Technologies
  106. Macrogen - Our new EZ-Seq guideline video is available now!
  107. Assistance with sequence assembly
  108. Bioo Scientific is Launching NEXTflex-96™ DNA Barcodes to Significantly Increase NGS
  109. Ion Torrent Library Prep fully automated on SPRIworks SPRI-TE system
  110. Geneious Server 1.5 Now Available
  111. RTG Investigator 2.3.2: Improved Ion Torrent, lower RAM usage
  112. New Ribo-Zero Gold Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat)
  113. Some quick questions about web browsers available to next-gen labs
  114. Technical Brief: Processing Ion Torrent Data with RTG Investigator
  115. Macrogen - EZ-Seq video guideline is now available in 8 different languages!
  116. New! Encore Complete RNA-Seq Library Systems from NuGEN Technologies
  117. Two Studies Comparing SeqMan NGen to Other Assemblers
  118. Large-Scale, Multi-Sample SNP Analysis Video
  119. New! Ovation Ultralow Library Systems from NuGEN Technologies
  120. Macrogen - Season's greeting with Bonus Package! [Prepayment event / Triple mileage]
  121. NEXTflex ChIP-Seq Kit for Improved Genome Wide Analysis of DNA-Protein Interactions
  122. Introducing Helicos tSMS™ Sequencing Services from Helicos
  123. Existence Genetics - analysis & reporting of close to 1,500 phenotypes and growing
  124. New ScriptSeq v2 RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit
  125. Announcing the MondrianTM SP System from NuGEN Technologies
  126. New, Completely Gel-Free, DNA Library Prep Protocol
  127. Ribo-Zero (Human/Mouse/Rat) kit now in magnetic format
  128. SPRIworks HT Launched for Illumina Library Prep
  129. Avadis NGS 1.3 – Release Announcement
  130. Adapter Dimer Reduction Leads to Improved NGS
  131. New Website
  132. Improved ScriptMiner small-RNA-Seq kit now available
  133. Message for user "genomcc"
  134. Announcing the Ovation® SP Ultralow Library Systems
  135. RTG Investigator 2.4.1: Somatic/pedigree calling, Improved Ion Torrent, lots more++
  136. Bioo Scientific Launches DNA Methyl-Seq Kit for NGS Methylome Analysis
  137. Looking for beta / trial users.
  138. New white paper on next-gen software selection
  139. Kailos Genetics
  140. Is anybody in the market for a refurbished GAIIx with a warranty?
  141. Do you know anyone selling any old ABI make sequencers?
  142. New ScriptSeq Complete Kits: end-to-end RNA-Seq solution
  143. NuGEN Announces the 2012 Genomics Grant Challenge Award
  144. Complete, Multiplexed Bisulfite-Seq Library Prep Kits
  145. NuGEN announces Encore Complete Prokaryotic RNA-Seq Library Systems
  146. RNA-Seq Improved
  147. Lasergene 10.1 Webinar - Automated bacterial genome closure, RNA-Seq, and more!
  148. dUTP-based directional RNA-Seq kits now available
  149. DNASTAR Webinar: RNA-Seq Analysis in Lasergene
  150. Construct DNA libraries from as little as 1 ng of DNA
  151. $1,000 Exomes|$6,500 Genomes from EdgeBio
  152. NEXTflex™ Pre-Capture Combo Kit Simplifies Sequence Target Capture Library Prep
  153. DNASTAR’s De Novo Bacterial Genome Assembly App Now Available on BaseSpace
  154. Lexogen has launched exceptionally strand-specific mRNA-Seq library prep kit
  155. Bacterial Genome Assembly Webinar
  156. NuGEN announces Ovation Ultralow Methyl-Seq Library Systems
  157. New Ribo-Zero™ Kit (Epidemiology):rRNA removal from microbial-infected mammalian RNA
  158. NEXTflex DNA-Seq Now Compatible on Biomek® FXp
  159. DNASTAR Webinar on Gap Closure in Genomic Assemblies
  160. GeneTalk: a platform to find the second patient of its kind
  161. Amplicon-seq for bacterial metagenomics studies
  162. Library prep kits for Ion PGM or Ion Proton
  163. Globin & rRNA removal from blood RNA
  164. NuGEN announces Encore Whole Blood RNA-Seq Library Systems
  165. Lexogen announces the "Win your SENSE Study" award
  166. Upcoming Webinar: Illumina Assembly and Analysis in Lasergene Genomics Suite
  167. PCR-free NGS Libraries from 5 ng of Input DNA
  168. RNA-Seq sample prep from blood
  169. DNASTAR Webinar: The DNASTAR Cloud, 16S assembly, structure prediction and more!
  170. Quantitative RNA-Seq Kit
  171. SNPsaurus launches nextRAD services
  172. New NEXTflex Rapid DNA-Seq Kit Offers Two-Hour NGS Library Construction from 1 ng DNA
  173. Lab7’s NGS Software is available for download
  174. Something new is Budding…
  175. Next Gen Sequencing Marketplace
  176. Genotyping service offerings from SNPsaurus
  177. Genohub Officially Launches Next Generation Sequencing Marketplace
  178. Extraction of small and large RNA for sensitive Next Generation Sequencing
  179. Lab7 Systems FREE BioBuilds and other NGS software & services
  180. Genohub's One Stop Shop for NGS Services
  181. Genohub talks up 'Kayak' for NGS services
  182. [TotalOmics-WES] New partner promotion!!!!!!
  183. Introducing AllSeq
  184. Customize removal of unwanted transcripts from RNA-Seq libraries
  185. What's Next For NGS
  186. AllSeq Featured on Bio-IT World
  187. New book on history of sequencing
  188. NextSeq 500 and HiSeq X Ten Services Coming Soon to Genohub.com
  189. Updated Illumina Specs Table
  190. Five Illumina instruments now obsolete?
  191. AllSeq's New Look
  192. Enabling Deep Multiplexing - NEXTflex™ Dual Index DNA Barcodes
  193. A first look at Illumina’s new NextSeq 500
  194. Improved ChIP-Seq Quantitation
  195. Building a Circular de novo Assembler
  196. Announcing Ovation® Universal RNA-Seq System
  197. Improved Quantitation with Directional RNA-Seq
  198. Free Genomics Data Reference Library for the Community
  199. 100 Gb Data/Day – Nextseq 500 Sequencing Services Now Available on Genohub
  200. How does ecSeq Bioinformatics analyze your RNA-Seq data?
  201. Geneious - circular & iterative mapping, phased SNP variant effects, and more
  202. New ssDNA-capable bisulfite sequencing library prep kit: Early Access Program
  203. Now the Lexogen RNA-Seq kits can be delivered overnight in the US
  204. What is the ideal RNA-Seq (counting) platform?
  205. Protocols for NEXTflex DNA-Seq library prep on Beckman Biomek FX and Biomek FXP
  206. Optimized library prep solution for ctDNA and cfDNA
  207. A unique fragmentation-free library prep is now available also for non-coding RNA
  208. Optimized Library Prep for 16S V1 - V3 rRNA Sequencing
  209. Fast, cost effective and accurate 3’mRNA-Seq library prep on PE Sciclone/Zephyr
  210. Reduce bias in small RNA library prep with randomized adapters
  211. First public HiSeq X Ten data set - free to download!
  212. Lexogen has launched TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit
  213. Lexogen has launched 3'mRNA-Seq library prep kit for Ion Torrent
  214. Freedom For You Grant Program - Win Freedom4 mobile, handheld real time PCR device
  215. How to install barcode indices for the Illumina Experiment Man
  216. Best Practices for Magnetic Bead Based Cleanups
  217. New nextRAD service pricing
  218. Special offer to the RNA-Seq community from NuGEN
  219. BioBuilds 2014.11 Open Source Distribution Released by Lab7
  220. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) available in GenePool
  221. 18S ITS rRNA Library Prep Kits for Eukaryotic Metagenomics Studies
  222. Call for Early Access Program of Mix-Square algorithm for RNA-Seq analysis
  223. RTG Core 3.4 Release / non-commercial availability, including source code
  224. RTG Core 3.4.1 / RTG Tools 3.4.1
  225. NxSeq Long Mate Pair Technology for up to 20 kb mate pair libraries
  226. Improved Library Prep Solutions for SureSelect Target Capture
  227. Optimized Cell Free Library Prep for Ion Torrent-Based Platforms
  228. Manage annotation databases in the Lab7 ESP
  229. Latest BioBuilds: R, RNAStar, IGV, SOAP tools, and other goodies!
  230. Looking for RNA-Seq Solutions?
  231. mtDNA isolation and library prep
  232. Announcement of the Test Program for Spike-In RNA Variants (SIRVs)
  233. MedRuner - Identify, analyze & report information from Pubmed
  234. Webinar: Lab7 ESP: The Operating System for Your Lab
  235. Biointerpreter - Quick and effective solution for interpreting Microarray data
  236. Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) genome sequenced at Genotypic Technology
  237. Fast, Scalable, Automatable Cell Free DNA Isolation Kit for NGS Library Prep
  238. Do you Exome data to be analyzed?
  239. Indo-US endowment fund
  240. RTG 3.5: Somatic calling / metagenomics / variant comparison / BSD Licensing
  241. 384 single-index, Illumina-compatible adapters
  242. nextRAD publication
  243. Automated Sciclone protocol for small RNA-Seq library prep is available
  244. Data analytics solutions - GBDA
  245. SIRVs - RNA control designed for splice variant detection
  246. Low-input, High Multiplexing Library Prep Solution for SeqCap Target Capture
  247. Special Agilent promotion from Genotypic
  248. Bioinformatics and cheminformatics tools and services from World Fusion US, Inc.
  249. RiboCop - An efficient way of rRNA depletion by Lexogen
  250. 16S rRNA Data Analysis with Interactive Results by World Fusion