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  1. Cambridge, UK user forum...
  2. Quarterly Update Meeting 27/5/9 CRI Lecture Theatre 5-6PM
  3. September one day sample-prep workshop at CRI
  4. Illumina sequencing user meeting at CRUK Cambridge Research: February 17th 5-6PM...
  5. GMOD meeting in Cambridge
  6. Cambridge Area Sequencing Informatics Meeting 15th April
  7. CASIM: RNA-Seq from paralagous genes
  8. CASIM: RNA-Seq explaning variation between tools
  9. CASIM: RNA-Seq Getting functional insight through clustering
  10. CASIM: RNA-Seq Problems with rRNA contamination
  11. CASIM: RNA-Seq Alternate Splicing
  12. CASIM: RNA-Seq Factors in experimental design
  13. CASIM: RNA-Seq Power Analysis
  14. CASIM: Single Cell RNA-Seq
  15. CASIM: ChIP-Seq Replicates
  16. CASIM: ChIP-Seq QC
  17. CASIM: ChIP-Seq Normalisation
  18. CASIM: ChIP Seq Visualisation
  19. CASIM: ChIP-Seq of broad peaks
  20. CASIM: ChIP-Seq of Repetitive Regions
  21. CASIM: Variants, Filtering SNP Calls
  22. CASIM: Variants Picking the best software
  23. CASIM: Variants, Experimental Validation
  24. CASIM: Variants Making use of array genotype data
  25. CASIM: RNA-Seq Variants Eliminating mapping bias
  26. CASIM: Variants Dealing with continual addition of data
  27. CASIM: Variants, Detecting Aneuploidy
  28. CASIM: Variants Detection via assembly
  29. CASIM: Alignment Allele specific aligners
  30. CASIM: Assembly Metrics for Assembly quality
  31. CASIM: Assembly Gap Closure
  32. CASIM: Assembly Using Synteny information
  33. CASIM: Assembly of transcriptomes
  34. Looking for NGS agent in Europe