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  1. How to give data back
  2. Request for sequencing of PCR product
  3. Roche/454 for bacterial ChIP DNA
  4. Invitation to the Midwestern Association of Core Directors
  5. Illumina IIe sample processing cost
  6. Illumina samplesheet fields
  7. Setting up a shared analysis platform for NGS (advice is welcome)
  8. GobyWeb web application for alignment and differential expression analysis
  9. Equpment Cost in setting up NGS core
  10. qPCR's utility in nextgen library construction
  11. how MUCH data do you give back?
  12. Recommendations for sequencing facility
  13. Any Experience with Otogenetics
  14. Any experience with BGI?
  15. Recommendations for europe seq service
  16. sequencing request
  17. Need to Outsource
  18. Average Read Coverage for 454 paired end read data
  19. looking to outsource DNA shearing
  20. Sequencing Capacity Available
  21. extracting scores from *.qual files HELP
  22. Class action suit against Illumina?
  23. Anybody own an EpMotion 5075 liquid handler?
  24. Bioinformatics cores in a world of cloud computing and genome factories
  25. Ion Torrent and desktop sequencing: The Death of the Core
  26. Anyone can refer good and not too expensive exome sequencing facility?
  27. whats the cheapest solution to whole genome sequence samples?
  28. Sequencing at University of Utah
  29. Certified Service Provider (CSP): Is it worth it?
  30. CLIA certified HiSeq sequencing provider
  31. New Software for Homopolymer Identification
  32. SeqMan NGen Denovo genome sequencing
  33. Automated library prep
  34. Looking for a good illumina core facility
  35. Clean room or not?
  36. Looking for 454 cores that are running
  37. how to sequencing a new plant
  38. BAC sequencing using NGS
  39. Can we separate virus using small RNA sequencing
  40. Opening of the EZRC core facility
  41. Cancer-Specific Gene Regulatory Networks datasets
  42. default RNA-Seq library prep
  43. Illumina Hi/MiSeq turn around times
  44. Looking for core facilities that require outsourcing of NGS
  45. GeneMark line webpage is down - help needed
  46. sequencing cost for Nexera library v.s. Truseq?
  47. Unsung heroes - Title borrowed from the included post
  48. OS choice for a genomics orientated server?
  49. How can I remove DNA from RNA dataset by bioinformatics?
  50. Is there any tools better than blast in metagenomics research?
  51. Heterozygous peaks in bacteria RNA sequencing
  52. Agilent SureSelect pre-capture multiplexing: which service provider ?
  53. Could Cufflinks be used for calculating RNA read abundances only?
  54. Library quantification for pooling question
  55. Buy Ion Proton for core facility or not?
  56. Missing FASTQ files in European 1KGP trio?
  57. Are you calling for high quality NGS data & analysis in London?
  58. DNA Sample tracking
  59. !!Crazy Promotion on EXOME/MHC/RRBS from BGI!!
  60. New Core
  61. incremental strategy for RNA expression profiling
  62. Need a RNA 6000 Pico Total RNA Kit?
  63. Pippin Prep as a service?
  64. HiSeq and MiSeq sale
  65. Metagenomics/Metatrancriptomics Sequencing
  66. ChIP-qPCR statistics
  67. Fluidigm C1 for Illumina Seq
  68. PCR based test for TruSeq library contamination in Pre-PCR lab?
  69. REMI vs OEM for Service Contracts
  70. Next Generation Intelligence - Free bioinformatics analysis
  71. animal database / management system
  72. genotyping by sequencing as service
  73. iLab for genomics core
  74. Biomek NXp for liquid handling? Recommendations?
  75. HiSeq or MiSeq available for sale
  76. !!Urgent help: identifying CNV of an interesting region by targeted sequencing
  77. Sequencing/CGH data correlation with Gene expression data (Microarrays, PCR))
  78. Sanger Sequence Core near Boston
  79. Hacking An EpMotion 5075?
  80. Depth of RNAseq with sensitive detection
  81. RAM limitation on trinity using DIAG computational resource
  82. HiSeq2000 for sale
  83. Outsourcing genome assembly
  84. Any suggestions for order portal web system?
  85. Suggested Tablet for Core facility
  86. MiSeq indexing with Custom Select Oligos
  87. DNA extraction on the EasyMag
  88. Good DNA/RNA preservation buffers?
  89. Wardrobe Web-based Experiment Management System
  90. Ep Motion tips/lesson plans
  91. Core services: Reward bioinformaticians
  92. Looking for opinions on stopping HiSeq 2000 service contract
  93. How to illustrate rise of sequencing productivity
  94. OMICS-Solutions: Sequencing provider from Chile to South América
  95. A server for processing data from Nextseq 500?
  96. The Best Robot for DNA Extractions
  97. The Best Robot for NGS Library Prep
  98. Targeted amplicon sequencing, is full overlap necessary?
  99. Illumina NextSeq vs. HiSeq4000
  100. experience on ribo-zero rRNA depletion complete/gold kit
  101. HiSeq4000 small RNA libraries (vs 2500)
  102. MiSeqDx
  103. Forward-reverse read counts don't match
  104. Best fluorescence microplate reader
  105. Fragment Analyzer-Advanced Analytical
  106. Recommendation for illumina library prep automation
  107. Problem with TruSeq Custom Amplicon Low Input Libraries
  108. How to increase sample submission to core
  109. Illumina Pricing Schemes
  110. Branson sonicator
  111. RNA QC: DNA contamination bad for rRNA depletion/mRNA capture
  112. Core Director post Sheffield UK
  113. On/Off target in cfDNA targeted sequencing Dear Bakhyt, I hope this email finds you
  114. On/Off target cfDNA targeted sequencing
  115. Bioinfo-Core Conference Call, October 17, 2017 (11 AM EDT, local times around world)
  116. Looking for extra BioAnalyzer chips
  117. Core-facility NovaSeq users
  118. SureSelect XT HS and Sureselect XT
  119. pacbio sequel system
  120. Organizing projects, data inputs and output
  121. RNA-Seq Sample Question
  122. Quick Student Survey for Amazon Gift Card
  123. post-bisulphite conversion QC check
  124. Advertizing / Soliciting Outside Work