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  1. Pac Bio Developer Network just went up...
  2. PacBio zips out Haitian cholera genomes
  3. Hands on experience someone?
  4. PacBio shopping list
  5. PacBio RS latest specs anyone?
  6. When will this Technology be Viable?
  7. Escherichia coli O104:H4 + 11 strains assemblies
  8. PacBio cuts 28% work force
  9. Pacbio C2 chemistry
  10. The meaning of "realtime" here
  11. Parameters of PaciBio
  12. PacBio performance and efficiency in the field
  13. PacBioEDA: Exploratory Data Analysis tools for PacBio RS
  14. DeNovo assembly using pacBio data
  15. Somewhat vicious, somewhat funny
  16. pacBioToCa .spec file options
  17. Ignore CCS reads - a correct assumption?
  18. BLASR output - what does each column mean?
  19. LSC - a fast PacBio long read error correction tool.
  20. 8-12-2012 - LSC 0.2.1 Released
  21. Is it possible to convert FASTQ/FASTA files in HDF5 format?
  22. Help !!
  23. De novo assembly of PacBio with short Illumina data
  24. Default The manual and a tutorial of LSC are released!
  25. LSC 0.2.2 released and fixes the bug of the option "I_RemoveBothTails".
  26. Have a genome assembly, what should I do with 15x Pacbio reads?
  27. Quiver
  28. How to remove the newlines in pacific biosciences fastq file
  29. pacbio sequence error correction
  30. pacbio sequencing
  31. PacBio Images part 1
  32. Have any of you tried the data of LSC paper?
  33. BLASR - Alignment to reference without gaps
  34. Pacbio scaffolding
  35. PacBio ZMW Loading Productivity 2
  36. Installing SMRTanalysis package
  37. PBJelly
  38. Scripts in each module in SMRT pipe?
  39. PacBio read lengths.. How long?
  40. SMRTanalysis (v.1.4.0) for CentOS - missing a FORTRAN library
  41. Pacbio RS output
  42. PacBio error pattern
  43. unnatural bases recognition
  44. pacbioToCA: merTrim failed
  45. BAC DNA extraction for PacBio
  46. imprting Raw reads into smrt Portal
  47. HGAP assembly
  48. BAC vector sequece masking for de novo assembly using PacBio C2
  49. Are there PacBio platform sequenceing service in Asia?
  50. How to screen sequences for a certain fold coverage?
  51. Some LSC problems
  52. Barcoded primers for PacBio sequencing
  53. Find large indels from PacBio reads?
  54. PacBio RS quality score output definition (FASTQ)
  55. 08-07-2013: Big changes in LSC 0.3
  56. PBJelly - error during Extraction stage (extraction.py)
  57. how to filter CCS by number of passes (not by long read length)?
  58. Pacbio releases Arabidopsis genome assembly dataset
  59. HGAP with fastQ reads
  60. HGAP graph visualisation
  61. Very basic search for sequence fragments within CCS fasta files
  62. LSC HC transformation question
  63. Cluster recommendations
  64. 09-30-2013: More robust and faster LSC 0.3.1
  65. PacBio RS II Library Prep Input
  66. Problem with HGap results in SMRTView
  67. HGAP Parameters in SMRT Analysis
  68. starting smrtpipe with .cmp.h5
  69. PacBio CCS vs subreads explained ?
  70. PreAssembler module no corrected.fasta output
  71. Need help in running quiver
  72. Can smrtpipe v2.0.1 accept both fastq and bas.h5 file
  73. Read quality calculation for a base in CCS
  74. Hybrid assembling using PacBioToCA?
  75. Filtering PacBio reads
  76. 12-01-2013: Faster and much less memory-required LSC 1.alpha is released
  77. producing a .spec file from smrt data
  78. smrt build failure
  79. Diary: Assembly in SMRT Portal 2.1.1 with HGAP+CA 8.1
  80. How to use Celera assembler with HGAP
  81. PBHoney - PacBio Structural Variant Caller
  82. FALCON assembler
  83. Need some help with PacBioToCA
  84. Would PacBio RII reads be useful at 1X?
  85. PacBio internal control showing up in polished HGAP assembly
  86. Reliable variant calling
  87. Identify adapter sequences in pacbio reads
  88. SMRT Analysis v2.2 launched for PacBio platform
  89. Live Webinar 4/29 & 4/30: Gain New Insights in Genome and Transcriptome Research
  90. Get consensus sequence from blasr alignment
  91. amazon cloud assembly costs
  92. HGAP error caused by blasr memory limit
  93. Error Installing Older Version of SMRT-Analysis (1.4.0)
  94. GC-bias
  95. PacBio ZMW Loading For Productivity
  96. SMRT portal errors
  97. SMRTest Microbe Grant Program - Win PacBio Sequencing
  98. help needed for de novo hybrid assembly strategy
  99. Problems with gDNA prep for PacBio
  100. Celera Assembler Installation Failure
  101. overlapInCore using up all RAM
  102. HGAP Advanced Protocol
  103. Live Webinar 6/26: Optimizing Eukaryotic Genome Assembly with Long-read Sequencing
  104. Targeted sequencing with barcodes
  105. Barcoded SMRTBell Adapters
  106. Invalid Whitelist Format (filtering step)
  107. Overlap prep job failed
  108. Low Pre-Assembly yield in HGAP2
  109. lowercase output from quiver
  110. IDP - Isoform Detection and Prediction - new version 0.1.6
  111. Cerulean error
  112. HGAP Parameters
  113. how to measure the quality of PacBio data
  114. How to create CCS from subreads without smrtcell data?
  115. PacBio assembly evaluation, how to chose the 'best' one
  116. pacBioToCA caFailure (diff. from similar threads)
  117. Error correction on PacBio with illumina and 454
  118. New P6-C4 chemistry: boosts accuracy & increases average read length to 10 kb - 15 kb
  119. DNA clean up for Pacbio
  120. RNA -> cDNA libraries on PacBio
  121. ligation problem for pcr product
  122. Pac Bio fastq file quality score encoding
  123. recreate metadata.xml
  124. Size issue of Pacbio Reads
  125. Celera Assembler 8.2 in SMRT Analysis 2.3
  126. how to get the fastq file from bax.h5 pacbio
  127. FinisherSC
  128. PBAlign for Quiver with pooled samples
  129. Using t1.micro instance can't import data into smrtPORTAL
  130. Unable to get Mapping graphs in SMRTportal
  131. Reads of Insert - PacBio, Forward or Reverse?
  132. filtered_subreads.fastq contain multipass reads
  133. RS_CeleraAssembler not included in SMRT portal v2.3
  134. Live Webinars: Isoform Sequencing Method Optimization Sample Prep/BFX tips
  135. Targeted transcript sequencing-Iso-Seq
  136. BLASR becoming very slow. What's the cause?
  137. Is it possible to create a consensus sequence from a fasta file?
  138. HGAP command line protocol ?
  139. Illumina read correction: align2layouts.py missing
  140. AGBT 2015 Workshop Recording w Craig Venter, Gene Myers, Deanna Church, Dick McCombie
  141. FALCON assembler without SGE?
  142. Importing Illumina data onto SMRT portal
  143. Improving assembly with PacBIo
  144. Whitelist subreads instead of ZMWs?
  145. PacBio CCS read denovo assambly failed
  146. How to work with a PacBio sra file?
  147. PacBio Americas User Group Meeting/Workshops - June 16 - 18 in Baltimore, MD
  148. blasr SAM output tags
  149. ISO-seq library preparation, is it size selection RNA classes or RNA fragments?
  150. PBAlign for Quiver doesn't work for targeted input.fofn
  151. Identifying heteroduplexes in PacBio CCS reads
  152. DNA Internal Control Complex (P6)
  153. Bam output from SMRT Portal
  154. PacBio quiver memory usage
  155. Save the Date: SMRT Informatics Developers Conference August 26
  156. full-length cDNA library synthesis for PacBio
  157. PacBio data - problem with SRA toolkit
  158. HGAP assembly failed task on SMRT Portal
  159. smrtpipe.py, HGAP run - detailed description of reports generated
  160. installing SMRT Portal on a cluster
  161. Best parameter for bacteria de novo assembly - HGAP
  162. Calling Quiver from within a Python script
  163. HGAP and PBcR self-correction
  164. SMRTest Microbe Grant Program - Win PacBio Sequencing
  165. Consensus algorithm of ReadsOfInsert
  166. Pacbio Large spike at 4kb subread length
  167. re-mapping with quiver
  168. Webinar 6/30: Long Genomic DNA Fragment Capture & SMRTSeq for Phasing of Cancer & HLA
  169. PacBio Amplicon reads assembly
  170. Validating of Pacbio Assembly
  171. SMRTanalysis 2.3 error during hgapCorrection
  172. Automate SMRCT Cells import in SMRT portal
  173. can I use PBcR only for correction with out assembly?
  174. what is third column in the log file output for pacBioToCa
  175. how to extract alternative splicing information from Iso-seq nonredundant sequence?
  176. SMARTVIEW java memory
  177. Is There Any Tools/Methods For PacBio IsoSeq SNP/Fusion Genes Analysis?
  178. How does SMRT cell detect fluorescent signal?
  179. Amplicon consensus calling from sub-reads
  180. How do I calculate read score?
  181. combine cells with same length?
  182. New PacBio system: Sequel
  183. P6C4 has higher error rate than P5C3?
  184. Identify Translated Sequence in Batch
  185. Subreads alignment alternatives
  186. Import raw PacBio data from *.bax.h5 files
  187. How can I get the report by using SMRT command-line version?
  188. Any Tools/Workflows For PacBio IsoSeq SSR Analysis?
  189. bbmap error rate - subs - indels
  190. Desperate grad student trying to correct pacbio reads with illumina data
  191. How to run TOFU analysis in the perl ?
  192. Can you trust Pac Bio?
  193. Exome kits designed for long read technology?
  194. PreBaseFrames to seconds
  195. P1 value vs read quality
  196. PacBio palindromic amplicons
  197. How should I compute the sampling depth or cells when I use pacbio RNA sequencing?
  198. Is There Any Tools/Methods For PacBio IsoSeq New gene prediction analysis?
  199. Does the full length sequencing using Iso-Seq get the real full length ?
  200. Should I try hybrid assembly with my PacBio data?
  201. How to annotate the multiploid plant using pacbio cDNA sequencing?
  202. GFA to fasta file
  203. I guess I can trust Pac Bio enough to profit
  204. snp calling by Pacbio reads
  205. DBG2OLC - parameter f cannot identify my PacBio reads
  206. How to detect splice isoforms (no ref. genome)
  207. Pacbio is usefull for plants with big genome?
  208. Correcting PacBio with a hybrid approximation
  209. How can I calcualte the sequence identity and coverage form GMAP output bam file?
  210. How do I get the RQ= information in the header of the PB fastq ou fasta files
  211. Why doesn't pbtranscript.py classify call reads of inserts for films with 2 to 5 rds
  212. How to correct wrong adapter splitting in PacBio films?
  213. ROI_Mapping: difference between Mapped ROI total and Mapped ROI total (bp)
  214. how to do methylation analysis using pacbio data
  215. ipdSummary.py throws Attribute error
  216. Cost of one run (consumables) with Pac Bio?
  217. SSPACE run time - how to improve performance
  218. Help: de novo assembly using SMRT portal and hgap.3
  219. base drop outs in PacBio assemblies
  220. Uploading PacBio raw data to ENA SRA
  221. Is this a valid [CircularConsensus] Result Report?
  222. Error correction of PACbio using Illumina? When and how? no Ref. Genome
  223. Developing microsatellites from pacbio reads
  224. 20K Internal Control
  225. ZWMS = 2, 1 and 0
  226. SMRTbell Synthesis and Sequence
  227. "Z" CIGAR operator in sam file?
  228. Genome assembly Using Celera Assembler with corrected data from LoRDEC
  229. How much of PacBio ZMW Loading Productivity 1(p1) is best for IsoSeq?
  230. Can I use velvet to assemble SMRT reads?
  231. Canu error: 'failed to create the overlap store'
  232. Keep quality score when correcting with Canu assembler?
  233. Will this stand up in genome curation court?
  234. hgap seed seletion step
  235. Live Webinar 4/28: Applying PacBio Long-Read Sequencing for Human Biomedical Research
  236. PacBio fastq and VICUNA
  237. PacbioToCA and PBcR
  238. pbsim vs readsim
  239. mhap polished sequence
  240. pacbio reads alignment
  241. MHAP pipeline
  242. Does the Mixed samples effects the IsoSeq Analysis?
  243. CANU-correct subreads individually VS batch
  244. SMRT Pipe jobs exit with errors on single node (ubuntu 14)
  245. no "combined/ "subdirectory after isoform level clustering by using pbtranscript-tofu
  246. Why the pacbio isoseq data used for RNA analysis is much more than illumina data?
  247. Accuracy estimated by quiver
  248. PacBio Americas User Group Meeting & Workshops - Sept. 7/8 at Stanford University
  249. PacBio SMRT Informatics Developers Conference - September 14 in MD
  250. Failed to run Quiver