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  1. Ion Torrent through the roof...
  2. Ion Torrent ups the ante against MiSeq -- Omics Omics Blog
  3. read length limits sample prep time?
  4. When Will Life Tech Get Serious About Grand Challenges -- Omics Omics Blog
  5. Ion Torrent in Cambridge!
  6. Introducing our Ion Torrent!
  7. Ion Torrent Protocol?
  8. Ion Torrent Emulsions / REM e System?
  9. FastQ processing
  10. Gloves come off in the marketing battle for the benchtop...
  11. Ion announces cheap walkaway sample prep device
  12. successful clinical sequencing
  13. Ion Torrent Services?
  14. Ion Torrent de novo assembly results
  15. Ionsphere recovery/quantitation
  16. Fragment length limits?
  17. Argon
  18. Halo Genomics
  19. Problems with emulsion. Anyone have protocol changes?
  20. amplicon read lengths
  21. Ion Torrent, how much to run?
  22. Suggestions to optimize IonTorrent workflow
  23. Delivery and delay to installation/training
  24. Amplicon sequencing
  25. First (?) Ion Torrent Paper out today
  26. Early experiences with 316 chips
  27. Do we need the bioruptor?
  28. Ion Torrent vs MiSeq & GS FLX+
  29. Sonicating water bath for Ion Torrent
  30. Ion torrent blog on raw accuracy - good primer for accuracy grand challenge
  31. Life Grand Challenge crowd sourcing model - a critique
  32. Challenges in Improving Ion Torrent Raw Accuracy
  33. Ion Torrent Rapid Accuracy Improvements (independent analysis)
  34. IonTorrent - The mathematics behind it all (blog series)
  35. Quality Control Library using QUBIT... help me!
  36. Ion Torrent 318 chips
  37. PGM reagents and OneTouch ship date
  38. Ion Torrent Accuracy Problem and Challenge - Non-technical explanation
  39. Ion Torrent - Fragment Library Construction
  40. Ion torrent for insertion/deletion
  41. OneTouch impression
  42. Changing dNTP Flow Order for Low-Complexity Template Regions
  43. custom barcoding
  44. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with Ion Torrent
  45. Bioanalyzer indispensable?
  46. Bisulphite sequencing - Ion Torrent
  47. Formulation of Low TE
  48. SOLiD library on Ion Torrent
  49. microRNA sequencing - analysis software
  50. Sequence biases toward read ends
  51. Multiplexing with ion torrent?
  52. Ion RNA-Seq
  53. life sciences prep challenge -- thoughts?
  54. OneTouch impressions?
  55. ion torrent barcode sequences
  56. Reflecting on a Year of Ion Torrent -- Omics! Omics!
  57. Ion Sphere ID summary, polyclonal %
  58. Ion Torrent adapter heterodimer
  59. Ion Torrent $1000 Genome!? Benchtop Ion Proton Sequencer
  60. ==> Argon consumption
  61. Software to process IonTorrent data
  62. ion torrent and small RNA-seq
  63. 314 and 316 with 200pb ION Torrent
  64. Anyone has protocol for Ion PES protocol?
  65. Ion Torrent reverse primer - P1 or B
  66. Torrent server and Galaxy?
  67. AmpliSeq vs TruSeq custom amplicon
  68. Adapters sequence
  69. Ion Torrent 316 Chip Sale!!!! Brand New Unopened
  70. TMAP installation Problem
  71. Ion Torrent data quality impressions?
  72. Two New Whiteboard Videos from Ion Torrent
  73. Flow cell design?
  74. ==> magnetic bead separation magnet
  75. Water for IonTorrent
  76. Metatranscriptome analysis - MiSeq or Ion Torrent?
  77. Paired-end & Mate-pair on PGM
  78. AmpliSeq Cancer Panel
  79. Ion Torrent PGM multiplexing
  80. Barcoding.... a lot of questions!!!!
  81. Bioanalyzer and a pippen prep necessary?
  82. Chip Viewer
  83. Diluting Library for One Touch
  84. Alternative (cheaper) reagents for Ion Torrent PGM sequencer
  85. target enrichment for resequencing using Ion Torrent
  86. For miRNA sequencing
  87. Ion Torrent PGM vs Illumina MiSeq
  88. Bioanalyzer issues
  89. Ion torrent flow order
  90. TMAP alignment statistics
  91. Ion Torrent Reference Assembly
  92. Ion Torrent complains to Nature Biotech about bias in Loman paper
  93. 200bp kit with 316 chip + question: larger fragments selection
  94. ISPs Quantification
  95. Chip reutilization, anyone tried or have any suggestion?
  96. DNA shearing enzyme
  97. Haloplex for Ion Torrent
  98. OneTouch and ES available
  99. Ion Torrent Data Analysis
  100. Software that catches indels
  101. Ion Torrent Initialization Problems
  102. dealing with homopolymer/low complexity errors
  103. CLC BIO for detecting indels in ION Torrent PGM data
  104. Experiment deletion failing
  105. Complete ligation adaptor sequences
  106. telling true variants from sequencing errors using the ion torrent technology
  107. Amplicon Sequencing with Ion Torrent
  108. Ion Plus Fragment Library Prep Efficiency
  109. % of region capture needed for LD analysis?
  110. Is the Proton a good reason to buy Life Technologies stock?
  111. Avalanche and Ion Chef
  112. Nugen multiplex library prep kit: anyone used it?
  113. Has anyone used FastX Toolkit with IonTorrent data?
  114. Ion Torrent PGM Analysis Pipeline
  115. Average fragment length post-sonication
  116. is anybody selling a used Ion Torrent?
  117. IonTorrent specific Adaptors trP1 & A
  118. Ion accuracy improvements - ASHG
  119. Real datasets from Illumina and Ion Torrent
  120. Primer sequence
  121. Measure Nick Translation efficiency?
  122. Library Prep with Low Input
  123. Ion Torrent libraries on proton?
  124. Proton Data
  125. ION One Touch 2
  126. Images of 314 chips part 1
  127. Ion Torrent Suite v3.2 (base call improvements)
  128. How many samples can I run on an AmpliSeq custom panel order?
  129. is ion torrent suitable for medip-seq?
  130. Ion Proton beta user feedback?
  131. Ion Proton added to user profile fields...
  132. sequencing rRNA with PGM
  133. AmpliSeq on the MiSeq
  134. Targeted sequencing of anonymous regions
  135. Unexplained short reads on PGM
  136. NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Choice Library-preparation for the PGM
  137. Anyone else had enough of Life Technologies?
  138. AmpliSeq custom panel, target region sizes
  139. amplicon sequencing on non-model organisms
  140. dUTP/UDG or RNA ligation sequencing method?
  141. Problem with Combine Alignments
  142. 400bp chemistry 16s Amplicons
  143. validated data
  144. cDNA sequencing on IONTorrent PGM
  145. Time to run variant caller plugin for Ion Torrent
  146. Quality of Assembly based on Ion Torrent Data (microbial genome)
  147. your experience with the Proton
  148. extract subset of fastq based on length sequence??
  149. Amplicon sequencing
  150. Removing Duplicate Reads from Torrent data
  151. Options for PGM Variant Analysis
  152. building Torrent Suite v3.6
  153. Ion torrent: bacterial WGS coverage
  154. TMAP issue
  155. Chip washing station
  156. readlength of size selected transcriptomes to low
  157. PGM for mtDNA transcriptome
  158. hybridization failure- Target exome sequencing Ion proton
  159. Gel run before AMPure
  160. Barcodes and adaptor
  161. SAGE-seq Tag Mapping
  162. 316 and panel
  163. Current AmpliSeq Custom Panel Production Time?
  164. TMAP errors
  165. de novo Transcriptome analysis to get differential expression data
  166. on-target reads
  167. DNA concentration increased
  168. Swich solution
  169. Ion Proton Q20
  170. Please help to identify items
  171. Raw data for Torrent Suit
  172. ION PGM reads
  173. RNA-Seq, more than 16 barcodes possible?
  174. Potentials for semiconductor sequencing
  175. Mira4 Assembler using all memory for denovo, est assembly
  176. Size selection...dropping of DNA quantity
  177. Ion one touch
  178. Ion Proton data analysis software
  179. need suggestions for PGM QC data
  180. Ion Torrent RNA-Seq v2 - Success?
  181. P1 and A adater trimming and mapping
  182. de novo assembly of PROTON transcriptome data
  183. How to get unique mapped with TAMP?
  184. Primer Sequences for Cancer Panels
  185. Why choose the PGM and not MiSeq?
  186. Cancer panel v2,low quality,316v2
  187. Equalizer kit versus qPCR for AmpliSeq libraries
  188. RNA later and DNA extraction methods
  189. Ion Torrent FastQ Analysis on Galaxy
  190. Wrong library size reads
  191. Ion Torrent and Whole Exome Sequence
  192. Bacteria transcriptomics RnaSeq - low output
  193. RNA-seq pipeline on Ion-Proton data
  194. Sequencing Ion PGM libraries using Ion Proton
  195. FFPE DNA for PGM
  196. TMAP mapall quick question..
  197. Paired End Sequencing on Ion PGM
  198. sanger regions
  199. RNA-Seq barcodes on Ion Torrent
  200. The first step on RNA-Seq
  201. Analysis of mate-pairs data (Ion Torrent)
  202. Human Exome Sequencing using Ion torrent PGM
  203. Ion Chef
  204. Fastq file extraction problem
  205. Variant Calling outside Torrent Suite and TVC
  206. Ion Proton and fungal ITS amplicon sequencing.
  207. Running a 454 library in Ion torrent?
  208. Strand Bias filtering
  209. QC control
  210. Caliper Labchip GX
  211. Ion Torrent Proton PCR duplicates
  212. Calling Indels
  213. short reads at 5' strand (ampliseq)
  214. Is OT1 compatible with my sequencing kit?
  215. Ion Torrent Suite
  216. Ion Torrent PGM Data Analysis problem!!
  217. Storage of Libraries
  218. Weird quality issue
  219. Ion Proton Bead Size
  220. Ion Torrent P1 Control
  221. Number of samples on a 316 chip?
  222. Sequences of PI sequencing primers
  223. Alternatives to Ampliseq
  224. Question about expiry & reagent life span
  225. Transcriptome analysis using Ion PGM
  226. Ion Chef Impression
  227. Low Level Cross-contamination on PGM
  228. Reads trimming
  229. PGM reads
  230. Poor loading on Ion Proton
  231. Bismark for Ion Torrent
  232. a sudden low loading rate of proton
  233. any idea on high pressure with OneTouch?
  234. what are the output files (barcode name: no barcode) after running sequencing?
  235. Is there relationship between library preparation and low quality data?
  236. low quality of control ISP
  237. Quick and easy question about Ion Torrent
  238. Ion Torrent for phylogenetics
  239. Missing Quality Files in Ion Torrent 4.2.1
  240. Hi-q
  241. IonTorrent data...what next
  242. Calculation of genome sequencing coverage
  243. Validating genome assembly
  244. 16S Metagenomics Kit for Ion Torrent
  245. Qiime parallel_pick_otus_uclust_ref.py
  246. new order for proton run?
  247. Stand alone torrent variant caller -g request
  248. NuGen Ovation Universal RNA-seq on Torrent
  249. Ion Torrent PGM data analysis (BMP)
  250. what is temperature range for proton sequencer?