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  1. Announcing Complete Genomics Cancer Grant Program
  2. Haploview VS plink for LD R2 caculating ,which is fast
  3. Analyze Evidence Asociated with CG Assembly
  4. The Beginning of the End for Exome Sequencing
  5. cga tools and phasing
  6. How to compare ESTs with assembled contigs of the genome?
  7. CDS vs cDNA
  8. BLAST parameters for large datasets
  9. chromosome map
  10. Inconsistencies between evidence and SAM files
  11. Evidence file format
  12. Quality of the reads
  13. Map visualization of all the chromosomes
  14. the problem of vibrio super-integron sequencing
  15. Adapters at the end of unknown DNA fragments
  16. New owners?
  17. Bioconductor package -GADEM
  18. Consensus sequence, How and where ?
  19. Haploview tag snp command line
  20. Are public CG reads SE reads or PE reads?
  21. Haplotype Improver
  22. Phenol-chlorophorm DNA extraction
  23. How do I use the SeqWare query engine to output the format and individual columns?
  24. Complete genome validation
  25. Catalog of all publicly available CGI genomes
  26. CNV and SV analysis of Complete Genomics data
  27. Phasing Programs for CGI whole genomes
  28. CLC Genomics Workbench slow in de novo assembly
  29. Heaps Law
  30. Annotation of Genomes
  31. Help finding different complete human sequence in FASTA format
  32. how i can use plink for chickens genotype-phenotype analysis???
  33. Basic bioinformatics for dummy
  34. new BGI sequencer can sequence 1mil genomes/year
  35. SNP detection with bcftools where [main] unrecognized cammand error occurs
  36. how to comare single variance with vcf file?
  37. Overrepresented sequences in Genomic DNA sequence data from Illumina
  38. RAW and Processed data
  39. Does exists some repository with bam/fastq files?
  40. WGS prep of micro Eukaryotes
  41. How to use f statistics test in snp panal data?
  42. DNA isolation methods
  43. BWA indexing mechanism
  44. Hetrozygous / Homozygous variant ratio humans
  45. The title of this forum should be changed to BGISEQ or MGISEQ
  46. tRNAscan-SE linux commands