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  1. Let's talk about ONT nanopore stuff!
  2. Open Source Social Media Approach vs Rigid Genome Center Approach
  3. Can't wait for all this to go commercial
  4. Compute requirements?
  5. Re-calling the same event model -- improvements over 10 months
  6. Is Oxford NANOPORE technology obsolete before commercial launch?
  7. Input DNA requirement for MinION
  8. MinIon reads
  9. minion error rate
  10. Software to use Illumina reads for error correction?
  11. Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Technology help
  12. Partial Order Alignment Step
  13. bwa and nanopore reads
  14. Cost of MinIon?
  15. assembly "1D" or "2D" or "1D + 2D"
  16. Other Nanopore-based platform out there?
  17. MinION service providers
  18. A Hammer Thrown at Big Brother?
  19. TEDxWellington Talk -- Live Sequencing via Nanopore
  20. Does 1D complement-only read exist?
  21. Long DNA isolation methods?
  22. Oxford Metrics
  23. Thinking about MiniON. Worth waiting to MkI B?
  24. SV using nanopore
  25. Zika virus data from R9 available
  26. MinION protocols?
  27. Questions
  28. ONT MinION mapper benchmarking
  29. minIon for plasmid sequencing
  30. library with different sizes
  31. minION throughput
  32. MinION wash kit, how many washes?
  33. Lambda control library problem
  34. Other lab equipment for library prep???
  35. Experience about Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology
  36. Connect multiple MinION to one host
  37. Human (NA12878) WGS on Minion: data available
  38. feedback from PromethION users
  39. Alternative to NEB Blunt/TA ligase for ONT Rapid Sequencing Kit
  40. Sequencing several 1-2Mb bacterial genomes
  41. Newbie MinION questions
  42. Oxford Nanopore ‘Wiggle Space’ Challenge
  43. MinION sequencing kit
  44. R9.4 2D error rate
  45. New ONT System: GridION X5
  46. minKNOW (Linux Version)
  47. Priming MinION flow cell
  48. DNA 2D Barcoding for Mitochondrial DNA
  49. Question about ONT's Developer Agreement
  50. ONT promethion for single cell human WGS?
  51. MinION Flow Cell Issue
  52. MinION adapter
  53. About new starter pack log in ID
  54. ONT Data Analysis Questions
  55. Assembly using Illumina + Nanopore 1D reads?
  56. Merits of the $4,999 Enhanced Starter Pack?
  57. Nanopolish 1D
  58. MinION Computer Requirements
  59. A Nanopore run - budget/cost?
  60. Reducing use of NEB reagents in Nanopore barcoding (96) genomic DNA kit
  61. RNA Sequencing "at home", when will this be easy?
  62. Favourite Software
  63. Clive Brown's Technology Talk from London Calling 2018
  64. Adaptor length of Ligation Sequencing Kit 1D
  65. Nanopolish and pilon are calling wrong bases
  66. ABB buffer
  67. best approach in dealing with low input DNA
  68. PromethION and Barcoding
  69. Any members from Spain??
  70. Flongle flow cells - now shipping
  71. Minion sequencing
  72. Two sets of .fast5 files from Nanopore
  73. MinION remote access
  74. Few questions about minion
  75. Using Basic MinION Starter Pack in remote area for soil samples
  76. MinKNOW Version for late-2017 flow cells
  77. Newbie Help for 1D^2 library shearing
  78. ssDNA sequencing on MinION without PCR or doublestranding
  79. Newbie: Primer with index
  80. Centrifuge-build reports error when building reference index
  81. Circulomics Size Selection
  82. can I use standard plastic falcon tubes for chloroform DNA extraction?
  83. Discovering the world of the Long-read nanopore Sequencing
  84. Expired AMPURE XP
  85. ARG detection ONT data
  86. split concatenated reads from different samples
  87. Expired reagents (NEB & ligation)
  88. AMPure XP clumps during Cas9 library prep
  89. Space/microgravity simulation: Extract DNA for MinION
  90. sequencing accuracy
  91. Nanopore library on top of an Illumina library