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  1. Affy Sues Illumina in genome-analysis and array technologies
  2. Illumina/Solexa sequencing of human exons enriched with Nimblegen arrays
  3. Tech Summary: Illumina's Solexa Sequencing Technology
  4. Solexa Protocol
  5. Illumina settles Affy IP Brawl: $90 million and truce
  6. In Sequence: At AGBT, 454, Illumina, ABI Vow to Improve Speed, Yield, Quality of Next
  7. In Sequence: Illumina, ABI Testing How Their Next-Gen Tools Can Seq a Human Genome
  8. In Sequence: Illumina GA’s Deep Coverage Shown to Be Useful for Profiling, Discovery
  9. In Sequence: Court ‘Encourages’ ABI to Settle Suit Against Former Counsel, Illumina
  10. In Sequence: UCLA Team Maps Methylation in Arabidopsis At Single-Base Res; Larger Gen
  11. the filters and syringes for solexa?
  12. In Sequence: ABI, Illumina, Former Lawyer Fail to Settle IP-Ownership Suit; ABI Seeks
  13. Sequencing Bioinformatics Webinar
  14. Illumina/Solexa Genome Analyzer Primer/Adapter Sequences
  15. Illumina workflow, methods and equipment
  16. In Sequence: Yale Team Uses an Illumina GA to Sequence Yeast Transcriptome; Finds Gre
  17. Output file formats
  18. Control DNA sequencing primer
  19. DPNII , NlaIII and solexa tag library
  20. Some doubts
  21. Gene Expression
  22. Anyone seen an intensity plot like this?
  23. TileQC: a system for tile-based quality control of Solexa data
  24. qPCR quantitation
  25. Question about Sequencing of mixed small RNA cDNA library
  26. First Cycle Intensity Issues
  27. name of solexa output file
  28. Sample tile images across a lane
  29. Repetitive reads
  30. Control Lane - PhiX
  31. Sample titrations
  32. sequences on the flow cell
  33. In Sequence: Illumina, Avantome, Roche, 454 Life Sciences, Applied Biosystems, InteRN
  34. In Sequence: New Base Caller Improves Accuracy of Long Illumina Reads; May Allow De N
  35. In Sequence: Bio-Reference Laboratories’ GeneDx to Launch Genetic Test Based on Illum
  36. In Sequence: With 15 GB on GA II and Avantome Buy, Illumina Confident in Next-Gen Bat
  37. In Sequence: Illumina to Buy Avantome for Up to $60M; Long, Cheap Reads Will Target S
  38. Paper: Substantial biases in ultra-short read data sets from HTP DNA sequencing
  39. Sequencing WGA ChIP DNA
  40. Quality Calibration: GApipeline 1.0
  41. Seq Capture
  42. which softwate can generate fastq format file?
  43. Shelf life
  44. 1st cycle report
  45. Adapter Enrichment PCR
  46. Samples with a mixture of cells
  47. In Sequence: Genome Institute of Singapore, Expression Analysis, Broad Institute, Isi
  48. bias in mapped forward/reverse read ratios
  49. Multiplexing
  50. paired-read transcriptome data analysis
  51. what kind of program do you use for RNA-seq?
  52. A C G T intensities
  53. Missing Enrichments
  54. Maximum fragment length
  55. Single or Paired Read
  56. Spikes in error rate by cycle and tile
  57. why reads piled up at the repeat regions?
  58. Solexa Pipeline documentation, or similar?
  59. Excess PCR primers in final product
  60. study for isolexa
  61. quality scores vs prb files
  62. Inconsistent Manual Focusing on GAII
  63. illumina / solexa Video
  64. focus uniformity on GAII
  65. Data retention policy for Solexa
  66. In Sequence: With GenomeStudio, Illumina Adds Analysis Software Tools for Its Genome
  67. Covaris recovery ratio
  68. In Sequence: Max Planck Institutes, NIEHS, NCGR, Personal Genome Project, Applied Bio
  69. In Sequence: Illumina Ships ‘Record’ GAs In Q3; Says Longer Reads Will Spur De Novo S
  70. analyse illumina data
  71. Paired End PCR
  72. Sequencing primer concentration
  73. Understanding Qualities using MAQ
  74. 32bp?
  75. Testing SOLiD vs Illumina
  76. A question about the small RNA sequencing data
  77. GC content
  78. Nimblegen linkers
  79. Gaps in Solexa Libraries
  80. In Sequence: Independent Studies Use Illumina GA To Sequence Three Human Genomes
  81. How many cycles you can get out of the 36 cycle kit version 2?
  82. sonication?
  83. Focusing problem with new flowcell on GAII
  84. Need Phix control sequence.txt
  85. Useful paper for GA users (Sanger's process improvements)
  86. Homemade illumina oligos and library prep kit
  87. Sample/Simulated data for testing adaptor trimming
  88. Index
  89. ChIP Seq
  90. Coverage
  91. Small RNA sequencing
  92. Anyone using illumina2srf to generate short read archives for NCBI?
  93. Precipitate in reagents
  94. max throughput, readlength, cost/run of 454, illumina and helicos ?
  95. solexa protocol: unique tags
  96. Solexa: cluster formation
  97. Protocol for Preparing Paired-End Seq Samples
  98. Combining data from 2 lines
  99. Multiplex
  100. question on solexa genomic dna libraries
  101. Captured sequences
  102. concentration of my starting material?
  103. MAQ command
  104. Sonicator recommendation
  105. CASAVA, Pipeline 1.3
  106. Low quantity of ChIP DNA- Advice?
  107. solexa data
  108. DGE on procaryotic organisms
  109. is is possible?
  110. Update to the GAII -> GAIIx?
  111. use of export/sequence data
  112. solexa genomic adapter and pictures?
  113. de novo assembly (SSAKE/VELVET)--- reverse complementary strand
  114. MAQ mapping start from position 17?
  115. Illumina Genomic DNA Sample Prep
  116. Small amount of RNA to start with?
  117. control data
  118. Difference between eland_multi.txt and eland_extended.txt
  119. gap alignment and local alignment?
  120. multiple reads having the same sequence...
  121. illumina genomic prep
  122. MAQ and short read length (DGE)
  123. Small RNA Sample Prep v1.5.0
  124. Any de novo assembly software can produce ace file?
  125. repeat reads in Solexa
  126. mate pair sequencing
  127. why consed finds discrepancies with masked n sequence
  128. qiagen and minelute columns
  129. het. and hom. SNP?
  130. GGc.G problem with Solexa data
  131. format puzzle
  132. recommendations on multiplex?
  133. context-dependent sequence error
  134. Longer reads for small RNA sequencing?
  135. Percent of ChIP-seq reads mapped
  136. Percentage of usable data per lane
  137. DNA shearing
  138. solexa output files | s_*_seq.txt vs. s_*_sequencece.txt
  139. Read stacks in RNA-seq
  140. what primer purification level is needed?
  141. Gbrowse problem???
  142. export.txt files/ quality filtering
  143. Spec Sheet Data Output
  144. Illumina - RNA Seq. - Gene Expression Analysis
  145. recommendations on paired-end analysis?
  146. smRNAprimer + genomic primer + PhiX as one control?
  147. Illumina quality scores
  148. Advice on analyzing barcoded samples with GERALD/ELAND
  149. Buffer composition in cluster kit v2
  150. Amplicon sequencing on Illumina GA II?
  151. assemble your own mRNA-seq prep kit?
  152. Question Re:Sequence Attachment to Illumina Flow Cell
  153. Solexa-mRNAseq
  154. Delivery delays - is anyone else suffering
  155. Bad runs: Changes in intensities or error rates
  156. Problems with Globin genes in mRNAseq paired-end library preparation
  157. mRNAseq-data analysis
  158. Mini GA on the way. Illumina to transition array users to sequencing
  159. Quantify Library before Cluster Generation
  160. File format
  161. Illumina DNA Sequencing
  162. detect SVs
  163. pipeline 1.4 versus 1.3
  164. IPAR is now a big, expensive door stop
  165. Run statistics on GA2 or GA2x...
  166. Cost per run on GAII
  167. qPCR quantification of mRNA seq libraries: strange amplicon sizes
  168. Mate Pair protocol: hydro-shear vs. nebulization
  169. Custom Illumina adapter synthesis
  170. Anyone know the Spin-X pore size?
  171. Illumina SEquencing Companies
  172. Cluster Station Flow Problems
  173. Ultrapure ligase from Enzymatics
  174. A possible problem with multiplex tags just occurred to me
  175. Primer GX1 GX2 sequence?
  176. Samtools import problem
  177. Doing multiplex in one lane only
  178. Application of paired end short read library to identify promoter region
  179. missing _int.txt files in Ver 1.4
  180. PCR enrichment of libraries in 12 cycles or less?
  181. Enrich the adaptor-modified DNA Fragments by PCR
  182. Single or Paired-End ChIP
  183. Number of "good" reads
  184. Minimum Coverage for ChIP-Seq & RNA-Seq
  185. denaturation step prior to cluster generation
  186. Using some of the 12 multiplex tags
  187. Mapping 'NM' reads GAII Pipeline 1.4
  188. adapter multimers
  189. Who's got the biggest....
  190. nebulizer
  191. Read quality filtering for long, PE runs
  192. custom sequencing primers
  193. can mapview format convert to map format of MAQ
  194. Will adding 1 nucleotide to the 3' adaptor interfere with the process?
  195. high first base error rate
  196. the latest pipeline PL 1.4
  197. A clarification for Illumina/Solexa Genome Analyzer Primer/Adapter Sequences
  198. mismatch
  199. Low Pass Filter %
  200. Does small RNA sequencing generate comparable reads as regular Solexa sequencing?
  201. Illumina Primers
  202. Number of runs required SNP detection transcriptome
  203. Question about primer modifications
  204. RNA-seq bias
  205. SCARF Format Conversion
  206. Barcoded PE adapters for multiplexing up to 12 samples
  207. NEB lib prep kit
  208. GAIIx cooler condensation
  209. Solicitations Regarding the Recent Upgrades to 120 tile format
  210. Image re-analysis
  211. Question about analysis problem for solexa sequencing of RNA profiles
  212. Library input on the cluster station GA2
  213. repetitive sequence
  214. how to get a NlaIII/DpnII tag table of arabidopsis
  215. are Novex TBE PAGE gels really necessary for DGE?
  216. 75bp: high error rates on read2
  217. EDENA assembler
  218. Sequencing smRNA library from opposite end?
  219. Reading Summary information
  220. Hola Comrades
  221. General control lane used by Illumina/Solexa data?!
  222. mRNA-seq vs PolII ChIP-seq
  223. Mouse DpnII libary tag
  224. mRNA seq 75bp splice file
  225. The DGE result can't confirm the micorarray data
  226. SOLiD
  227. duplicate reads in ChIPSeq
  228. read length distributions?
  229. Sequencing result have a lot of "N"
  230. fragmentation buffer of mRNA-seq
  231. Anyone need a spare/new prism?
  232. "Homemade" Illumina PE primers
  233. 1st Cycle Int (PF)
  234. SNP Database with Solexa/Illumina Reads
  235. next_phred & Phaster - call for saving images from GA2
  236. advantages and disadvantages of adapter barcoding?
  237. Genome and mapped reads visualization tools
  238. ELAND standalone problem!!! help~
  239. Tips for mRNA-seq?
  240. Please, examine my fastq file. Help me, one more time!
  241. mRNA seq to multiplexing
  242. starting mRNAseq with low amounts of RNA
  243. Troubles with Cluster Density
  244. Is the flowcell's layout known to affect perceived cluster density on a given tile?
  245. Illumina fluorophore excitation/emission spectra
  246. New study using amplicons on Illumina
  247. Exome reference sequence
  248. Solexa sequencing machine data required!!
  249. new sbs 2.5 and v4 seq kits
  250. Help required