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  1. Tech Summary: ABI's SOLiD (Seq. by Oligo Ligation/Detection), UPDATED for v2.0
  2. In Sequence: ABI Taps Geospiza, GenomeQuest to Build Informatics Workflow for SOLiD
  3. ABI sequences human genome at 12x coverage for $60k in reagents
  4. Does anyone have a SOLID system running
  5. First SOLiD Publication: High Res Nucleosome Mapping in Worm
  6. Does SOLiD cost > 1 million USD !?
  7. Second SOLiD Publication: Stem cell transcriptome profiling
  8. Invitrogen to Acquire Applied Biosystems for $6.7B
  9. In Sequence: Invitrogen Developing Third-Gen Sequencer; Sequencing to Be a Focus Afte
  10. In Sequence: Invitrogen Could Boost SOLiD Applications, But Any Delay Could Empower C
  11. Accuracy of SOLiD platform
  12. Target enrichment technologies for ABI SOLiD?
  13. In Sequence: Sean Grimmond On Using SOLiD To Study Transcriptomes In Depth
  14. ABI Expands SOLiD Software Community
  15. SOLiD quality data
  16. In Sequence: Preparing for ABI Buy, Invitrogen Stresses Importance of Second-, Third-
  17. In Sequence: ABI Adds Takara to SOLiD Service Provider Program as Current Partners Ra
  18. Metrics for usability of a SOLiD dataset
  19. In Sequence: Oxford Researchers to Explore 454, Illumina Sequencers for Clinical Gene
  20. In Sequence: Study Shows 454, Illumina, ABI Can Profile SNPs in Whole Genomes at High
  21. SOLiD Adapters
  22. MaToGff build error
  23. Anyone going to be at ABI's SOLiD Users Group Meeting next week?
  24. In Sequence: ABI Announces SOLiD 3, 454 Launches Titanium, Illumina Sets Specs for En
  25. ABI Announces SOLiD v3.0. Weekend warriors rejoice.
  26. In Sequence: 1,001 Arabidopsis Genomes Will Enable Researchers to Link Genotypes to T
  27. In Sequence: ABIís Sequencing Business Grows in Q1; Though SOLiD Sales Up, CE Consuma
  28. ABI SOLiD $10k Grant Program: 60GB Mappable Sequencing Data
  29. Prism Status Unknown
  30. SOLID emulsion PCR using other than the ABI9700
  31. In Sequence: Researchers Use SOLiD to Study Gene Expression in Single Mouse ES Cells
  32. About documentation of corona_lite
  33. methylation analysis - bisulfite sequencing with SOLiD?
  34. SOLiD ma2gff
  35. barcodes for SOLiD small RNA Expression Kit
  36. Simulate ABI reads
  37. In Sequence: With Summary Judgment in Hand, IP Suit Over SOLiD Tech Faces Trial in J
  38. Third Party Software for Colorspace data?
  39. Corona Lite Running Times?
  40. What is the meaning of quality value?
  41. Solid sequence service in europe
  42. Shrimp vs Corona?
  43. Abasic sites
  44. Human Genome in Colorspace
  45. Corona Lite without Job Scheduling
  46. segmental duplications
  47. Any issues with the SOLiD platform?
  48. Transcriptome Match in Colorspace
  49. Requirements for Sequencing
  50. Indel pipeline
  51. SNP Analysis
  52. csfasta --> fasta conversion
  53. The throughput and cost per run of the latest version
  54. SOLiD v3 vs Solexa
  55. colorspace mapping
  56. Geospiza and AB offer AmazonWS-based cloud NGS analysis services
  57. About identify the diffenential expression gene
  58. SOLiD fragment library
  59. Concatenating sequences
  60. Samples in Trizol
  61. SOLiD from an IT perspective
  62. Adaptor technologies comparison
  63. Small RNA Pipeline
  64. Poor v.3 run
  65. SOLiD 3 - SAGE kit
  66. looking for Solid library protocol
  67. SOLiD SAGE v3 Analysis Software
  68. Looking for a New Home for an ABI SOLiD
  69. How to set mismatches?
  70. failed to readlink
  71. SOLiD/SOLEXA??
  72. Alignment SOLID data
  73. Concatenate GFF file
  74. GC bias in Solid system?
  75. RNA Nebulization
  76. miRNA analysis
  77. Terminal Transferase Reaction
  78. How to interpret Corona Lite error file
  79. sam output from bwa for SOLiD reads in colorspace?
  80. mapreads and IUB mapping
  81. Chip-seq analysis software
  82. periodicity in decay of quality
  83. Convert SOLiD fastq to Illumina fastq
  84. fastq to csfasta and .qual
  85. Use of custom schema in corona-lite pipeline
  86. Convertion of SOLiD3 gff to SAM/BAM for IGV browser
  87. corona/bin/filter_fasta.pl
  88. SOLID analysis Newbie
  89. direct mapping of color-space data against color-space
  90. miRNA Sequence Read Number?
  91. Mismatch position in reads
  92. Can mapreads deal with paired end reads?
  93. Tools to convert WTAP mapping results to nucleotide space?
  94. cDNA normalization
  95. ABI SOLiD 3 available to those interested.
  96. 3plus upgrade
  97. Beads/slide
  98. Seqomics company
  99. individual position stats for pileups/contigs of SOLiD reads
  100. spch format
  101. Help! submit jobs about Corona Lite
  102. Size of One SOLiD Run
  103. 3.5 WFA using 3.0 reagents?
  104. Low matching from capture libraries
  105. Concentration of mismatches close to read ends in "Whole Transcriptome" protocol
  106. mapping program with Hadoop
  107. New SOLiD user
  108. Comparison of mapping program performance for color-space reads?
  109. maq map -n in colorspace
  110. Large hg mate-paied problems
  111. 25 bp/frag run vs 50 bp/frag run regarding N2S ratio and cost efficiency
  112. ABI Sequence Alignment Browser (SAB)
  113. Tag counts for RNA seq experiment
  114. Generating a Transcriptome Reference Genome
  115. BFAST - Help
  116. SOLiD: TooFewCalls
  117. The best software for mapping SOLiD reads?
  118. bwa - samtools - SNPs
  119. SOLiD reads map using BFAST and Samtools
  120. ABI SOLiD data filtering and conversion to base-space
  121. dual base encoding and de novo assembly
  122. Conversion from base space to colorspace
  123. Bowtie and Color Space
  124. Long peak length from ChIP-seq data
  125. Bfast Sam format
  127. extract subset (mapped reads) from csfasta and .qual files
  128. Trimming or filtering the data from Solid
  129. SOLiD-4 3K Genome?
  130. Viewing GFF2/GFF3 files on IGV
  131. Fragment Library vs Mate-pair library
  132. Sequencing by ligation
  133. unmapped reads in Bowtie causing problems in SAMtools?
  134. Depositing half a billion beads
  135. details of *.csfasta creation
  136. SOLiD 4 run time
  137. SOLiD WT Analysis pipeline Alignment
  138. fastaq to csfasta and associated QVs
  139. Bioscope - Format mapping
  140. For sequence quality assessment, do the raw image files provide any added value?
  141. .baf 2 BED
  142. Too many reads mapping towards intronic region
  143. Any data on SOLiD error characteristics?
  144. newbie question: mapping solid reads
  145. Mapping to SOLiD reads to draft genome
  146. Commercial providers of SOLiD 4 sequencing?
  147. Question about the values of quality
  148. Anomalies in multiplexed whole transcriptome analysis
  149. cmap file in bioscope
  150. Conversion of colourspace into basespace format.
  151. Help on running Solid SAGE Analysis Software
  152. Recommended Bowtie Parameters
  153. small indel tool compatible with mapreads output from frag. library:
  154. Quality filtering
  155. SOLiD and Velvet 0.7.63
  156. A Problem with Shory
  157. Extracting unique reads from a .ma or .bam file?
  158. BioScope Mapping Rounds
  159. BioScope Mapping Multiple csfasta-Files
  160. v4. How does it look?
  161. ABI Paired End Reads
  162. How long biotinilated Internal Adapter live?
  163. bfast: how does it recognize SOLiD mate pairs
  164. problem aligning SOLiD reads with BWA
  165. software to cut adaptor
  166. map solid reads to ncRNA database
  167. Weird SOLiD data format?
  168. Long Mate Pair library construction backgrounder
  169. transcriptome assemble of SOLiD data
  170. mouse miRNA seq with SOLiD, help with coverage needed desperately!
  171. First WFA requires reboot to complete?
  172. v4 Deposition Efficiency?
  173. Source of duplicate reads and possible ways of reducing:
  174. problem aligning SOLiD reads with Bowtie
  175. question on SoLiD peak length
  176. Ranking SNPs from Solid resequencing
  177. Agilent SureSelect: problems with target enrichment
  178. Humidity causes imaging issues!
  179. file format headaches - producing interleaved fastq
  180. Big Dye Terminator
  181. mapping SOLID reads under 24nt
  182. Big Dye Terminator
  183. Frag-smallIndel and CNV:
  184. SOLiD PI?
  185. strange mapping results bwa + SOLiD
  186. CNV Error:
  187. SOLiD4 deposition problem
  188. size optimum
  189. SOLiD annotations in SAM/BAM output
  190. Solid Reads for human Genome
  191. SOLID reads
  192. BWA mapping colorspace reads
  193. query on file format conversion
  194. sequencing of short DNA fragments (40-240bp)
  195. Help for AB WT Analysis Pipeline(RNA seq)
  196. Repeating a SOLiD Focal Map
  197. Solid 4HQ?
  198. Cracked Slide?
  199. low percentage of reads mapped
  200. SOLiD SAGE: low percentage of reads mapped
  201. Raindance vs Agilent
  202. Highest deposition density?
  203. Spliced alignment with BWA
  204. coding exons/ repeats/ rRNA, tRNA, snRNA, snoRNA
  205. EZ-Bead system
  206. low yield of SOLiD templated beads
  207. sequence error detection in color space reads
  208. Bubbles and XD slides
  209. Tuning TopHat parameters for SOLiD reads
  210. SHRiMP and SOLiD Qualities
  211. problem with RNA2MAP
  212. .csfasta - Bowtie - trimming
  213. Data transfer can overheat SOLiD
  214. Solid formats translator(base space/color space/double encoded)
  215. diBayes with gff3/BAM files
  216. Pentamers
  217. Problem in primary analysis
  218. Read trimming- color space
  219. Exact Call Chemistry -> Sequence space
  220. Does anybody trouble for the number of assign beads ?
  221. miRNA arabidopsis
  222. how to exclude the known ncRNA
  223. Why so short readlength?
  224. DiBayes
  225. Finding optimal reads generated on SOLiD:
  226. v4 communcation patch causes problem.
  227. Artefact with Digital Gene expression? unable to confirm downregulation.
  228. WT mapping alignmentReport oddities.
  229. EZ Bead experiences
  230. SOLiD denovo: contigs corrupted after conversion from double-encoding to nucleotide
  231. [Small RNA sequencing] 10-12 M raw reads enough?
  232. AB inversion score method
  233. Mate-Paired kit for Fragment library sequencing
  234. Can we merge 2 csfasta files ?
  235. csfasta files - miRanalyzer input file format
  236. BWA aligner - zebrafish miRNA
  237. SmallRNA analysis pipeline
  238. How to calculate the sequencing coverage from bioscope result
  239. Which technology is better for CNV detection, SOLiD or Solexa?
  240. about recent reagents problem for SOLiD 4 PE Barcoding
  241. Calculating read lengths - SOLiD
  242. Troubleshooting EZ Bead vs manual bead prep
  243. Analyzing data with bioscope
  244. SOLiD PE Chemistry
  245. Effect of a 2.5 hour power outage on a SOLiD run.
  246. Quality triming of Solid reads in BWA
  247. solid2srf installation error?
  248. Barcode Leakage?
  249. SizeSelect gel vs Beads
  250. SHRIMP opp-in for SOLID PE??