View Full Version : Is the geneom GRCh37/hg19 from a single person?

08-06-2012, 01:35 PM
Sorry to ask such novice questions. :confused:
Is the GRCh37/hg19 genome the genome of a single individual, or the composite of multiple people?

What is the difference between GRCh37/hg19 and GRCh36/hg18? Are they from two different people? If they are, where can I get an electronic copy of the differences between the two individuals?

Thanks in advance.

08-07-2012, 07:23 AM
No, they are mainly from around 6 BAC libraries (six people; well around 6). Over half from an African-American. You can find the location and library information of each BAC used in the assembly from NCBI/UCSC.

08-07-2012, 07:43 AM
hg19 or hg18 are different built.depend on what method, what kind of kit and what bioinformatics method you have applied to have a sequence data from one person, you will have his/her sequence data in hg19 or hg18.
That means one person can have both hg19 or hg18.
If you have hg18 you can convert it into hg19 or vice versa.