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06-07-2015, 11:00 PM
Live webinar on 'Data Management and Collaboration in GeneSpring Suite of Products- An Overview and Demo' (http://genespring-support.com/support/webinars)

Session 1 (http://genespring-support.com/support/webinars): 11 June; 9:00 PM PDT (12 June, 9:30 AM IST)
Session 2 (http://genespring-support.com/support/webinars): 12 June; 9:00 AM PDT (12 June, 9:30 PM IST)
Register for free! http://genespring-support.com/sites/default/files/webinar/import-export.html

Speakers: (http://genespring-support.com/sites/default/files/webinar/import-export.html)

Dr. Carolina Livi, Bioinformatics Segment Manager, Agilent Technologies (http://www.agilent.co.in/home)
Dr. Sunil C. Cherukuri, Senior Application Scientist and Technical Writer, Strand Life Sciences (http://www.strandls.com/)

Abstract: (http://genespring-support.com/support/webinars)
A collaborative research environment requires seamless interaction between scientists enabling them to share, review and add on to their analysis. The GeneSpring suite of products, including Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) offers a simple export / import functionality that enables scientists to export their experimental project data and share it with their collaborators working with GeneSpring.

A project in GeneSpring can hold several individual experiments of various types, along with the associated technologies. All of the experiments within a project with the downstream analysis, pathways and visualization can be exported from GeneSpring as a single *.tar file. The *.tar file can be easily shared with others via Google Drive or Dropbox. At the collaborators location, the *.tar file can be imported back in to review and continue with the analysis.

This webinar will focus on the following aspects of GeneSpring GX/ MPP's export / import functionality:

Storing projects in a local drive as backup or for transferring data between systems.
Saving projects to cloud storage space (Dropbox or Google Drive).
Sharing of projects between collaborators using cloud storage.
Importing projects from storage devices including local drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
Options available to export associated data with a project and importing back into

For more information, please write to informatics_suppor[at]agilent.com (informatics_support@agilent.com)