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sjamal 10-24-2019 06:04 AM

How to interpret IGV exon labeling

My question is related to IGV's transcripts and exon annotation. For RAD51B, position chrr14:68331430:68331691 when I hover over . the exon (labeled by the thick blue bar on IGV) none of the options label an exon number however it does should multiple transcripts. What meaning does this have? I would have . expected that all such would be labeled with a exon number.

Many thanks for looking into this

crisime 10-25-2019 01:06 AM

Hi Sabri,
I think in your case you only have one exon at this position. But you don't see it because your track is collapsed.
In IGV most tracks come with three different display options:
By default tracks are collapsed (you can change this in the preferences).
Click right on your track and switch to "Expanded" and you will see each transcript visualised seperately. In collapsed you only see all the transcripts merged to one line.

I hope that helps

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