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hanco 02-16-2017 04:28 PM

Colon and Lung Cancer Research Panel vs. Cancer Hotspot Panel

I plan to detect mutations from DNA derived from lung cancer FFPE sample with Ion PGM Ampliseq. I usually use Cancer Hotspot Panel v2. It works well, but sometimes I don't get a good result or not enough amount of reads to be analyzed.

I heard about this Colon and Lung Cancer Panel v2, and am thinking about using it. I know the difference is this one has less target gene (22 genes) compare to Cancer Hotspot Panel (50 genes). But besides that, is there any other difference? Can I use the same protocol? The price difference is quite big.

Please help, I'd really appreciate it.


tristan dubos 02-16-2017 10:53 PM

I worked on the Colon and Lung Cancer Panel v2 for 1 years , i cant tell you that if DNA is good we can sequence around 300 000 reads per sample (we multiplex 16 samples per run). In still good condition we have more than 500X depth coverage per target which is our limit for somatic result. I will ask in my lab if the used Cancer Hotspot Panel before.

Hope it help a bit.

Best regards


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