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Ace5858 08-15-2013 07:45 AM

Sequencing NYC Subway bacteria????
Hello fellow researchers!

I have an exciting and ambitious project to present.

My name is Jorge Gandara. I'm the wetlab manager for the research lab of Dr. Christopher Mason at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. Our website is

We are currently embarking on an ambitious project here in New York City. We have just taken swab samples at EVERY subway station in the NYC Subway system. Our goal is to extract DNA from all the bacteria we find and run the sequencing data through MetaPhlAn to find all the bacteria and microbiomes found at all the stations. Ergo...a Pathomap!

Our team have just taken over 1400 swab samples from every stop and are currently extracting and sequencing DNA from all the samples.

Between the staff, the swabs, the subway metrocards, the extraction/sequencing reagents, it's a very pricey project.

We have recently opened an indiegogo account and are looking for donations towards our project. We have some very awesome gifts for each level of donation. Want to know what types of bacteria are in your home? We'll sequence the DNA for you!

Here's the website:

Please donate and help us out. Thanks so much!!!

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