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BioDynami 02-05-2017 08:50 PM

1-hour NGS library preparation without DNA shearing?
As you know, NGS library preparation is a tedious and time-consuming procedure. Furthermore, the DNA shearing step is required for most commercial kits before library preparation.

Now BioDynami can provide you with a better solution:

NGS libraries can be made directly from intact genomic DNA in less than 1 hour, without the need for additional DNA shearing instruments or expensive glassware!

With BioDynami’s unique technology, the NGS Genome-to-Library Prep Kit was developed to have better library conversion efficiency and even coverage across the genome. The incorporation of DNA fragmentation in the kit makes it easy to directly use genomic DNA as input without the need of an additional DNA shearing step.

Kit advantages:
High quality
- Better library conversion efficiency
- Unbiased enzymatic fragmentation, similar to physical shearing
Save your time
- From intact genomic DNA to library in 1 hour (fastest in the market)
- DNA shearing step is not needed
Reduce labor intensity
- Simple procedure;
- Only 7 minutes of hands-on time
Low cost
- With affordable prices, we can help to reduce the cost.
You can find more details at


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