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seqtechno1 05-22-2017 10:45 AM

PacBio reagents
If a box of PacBio polymerase binding reagents is left at room temperature and allowed to warm to ambient temperature is it now useless?

rhall 05-24-2017 08:24 AM

I'm not an expert, but on asking some people who should know, the response was - "If it didn't sit at room temperature for any extended period of time it should be OK, but it's not something we have tested"

purplelady 06-16-2017 09:22 AM

I have a similar problem, after the annealing step in binding complex prep, the polymerase was added but the polymerase binding program was not started and the sample sit in the block at room temp overnight. Is there anyway the sample can be saved?

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