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seqtechno1 10-09-2017 12:26 PM

Single kit for bacterial RNAseq projects (from clinical samples)?

Does anyone know of a standalone kit or protocol which could deplete mammalian rRNA and bacterial rRNA to be left with bacterial RNA we want for sequencing? The best way I know how seems to be a convoluted mess of ribozero, microbe enrich, and truseq by illumina while skipping the poly-A selection step. Surely there has to be a more straightforward way to achieve desired RNAseq experiments for clinical bacterial samples?

nucacidhunter 10-09-2017 12:42 PM

If you want to use Truseq then you will need to do sequential depletion with microbial depletion reagent and use the eluate with RiboZero followed with the rest of protocol.

ajeffs 10-10-2017 01:18 AM

Ribo-Zero Epidemiology kit, which combines Ribo-zero human/mouse/rat and bacteria in a single tube for a single depletion step.

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