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narges 10-28-2012 07:44 AM

HTSEQ results format when using refseq hg19
I think I am not familiar with gene id representations so I am confused about the results I found in read count file resulting from HTSEQ.
In order to obtain the file refseq hg19 has been used as the reference.
Below is the file format :
1/2-SBSRNA4 2
A1BG 86
A1BG-AS1 17
A1CF 1
A2LD1 59
A2M 5
A2ML1 0
A2MP1 0
A4GALT 592
I expected to see refseq format like "NM_???????" as the gene identifier but the file represents another notation of genes why is this so?
Thanks in advance

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