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Daisy REN 04-05-2013 02:36 AM

!!Crazy Promotion on EXOME/MHC/RRBS from BGI!!
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Hi all,

A crazy promotion is coming!! Including Exome/MHC/RRBS, please check all the details through our website,
1. 899USD per sample for 50M/51M 50X Exome projects
2. 1299USD per sample for for 50M/51M 100X Exome projects,
including capture kit, library construction, sequencing, and SNP & Indel calling & annotation.

1. 499USD per sample for MHC capture kit, library construction, 80X mapping depth sequencing, SNP & Indel calling & annotation, and Typing of 26 HLA genes at 4 digit resolution with 95% accuracy.
2. 999USD per sample for 3G high-quality data,
3. 1,299USD per sample for 5G high-quality data,
including library construction, 50bp paired-end sequencing on HiSeq 2000, and standard bioinformatics analysis (alignment, Coverage analysis of promoter and CGI, Methylation analysis of promoter and CGI, DMR analysis).

They would be valid for the signed contracts in April & May and would be really cost-effective for related researches. If you have any comments, questions or further needs, please contact us through: &

For costumers in London, please contact me directly through! I will continually provide full support!

Yours sincerely,

Daisy REN 04-07-2013 01:16 PM

Huge discount for Exome!
50%off RRBS!
499USD for MHC!

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