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BrianJames 02-05-2020 09:25 AM

Hi ShyN,
What ribo depletion are you using? We've had good luck with the NEB reagent, and it is a pretty easy protocol. We've been using the EP motion for our polyA libraries with the NEB Ultra II directional kit (1/2 reactions) with very good results. We do some steps off deck, but all of the cleanups are on the instrument.
Hope that helps.

cement_head 03-02-2020 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by firedancer (Post 63368)
We ran the EP exclusively for our Illumina Lib preps as well as qPCR set up. Some tweeks were needed regarding labware definitions and aspiration speeds/depths but once we worked out the kinks we fell in love.

Is there a way for the end-user to manually tweak the labware definition files, and/or create new ones, or does on have to entirely rely on Eppendorf for those files?

cement_head 03-02-2020 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by meyerti (Post 181579)
we have a epMotion 5070 PC and an older 5075 control panel.
True, they are terribly unflexible. With some trial and error one can define own labware but it's more or less undocumented. We have our own 3D printed plates and had to go through this...
But I still could not find a way to define my own methods, or better, to control the machine with matlab instead of epBlue. E.g. i need the machine to pipette while moving.

Does anyone have experience on that?



I'd be very interested in how you managed to define your own labware - can you post a guide and/or PM me? TIA

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