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Geneious 08-16-2010 12:08 AM

Geneious Pro 5.1 Beta Available Now!
Making software that inspires researchers is all about listening to our customers, and many of the new features in Geneious Pro 5.1 are responses to your requests. If you have been anticipating or requested these features then download Geneious Pro 5.1 beta now to test-drive them before the full version arrives. You can also request features you'd like to see in future versions on our userforums.

Here's a taste of the customer requests we've added to inspire you to deliver better research. The number of improvements we've made is astonishing:
  • Multi-core capabilities with the Geneious Assembler
  • Assemble to multiple reference sequences at once
  • High/Low coverage finder to identify over or under expressed genes
  • Primer database browser for primer sets
  • Ultra-powerful batch rename with new interface
  • Backup all data button
  • Local realignment of part of an existing alignment
  • Automatic annotation transfer on alignments
  • Dot-display option in alignments
  • Digest by single enzymes in all relevant viewers
  • Interactive distance matrix viewer
  • Add unaligned sequence to alignment manually
  • GC content graph
  • Ligate individual sequences to re-circularize
  • Vector NTI gel archive importer (.ga4)
  • For a full list of new features see the features page

As always, if you currently own a valid license of Geneious Pro your upgrade is FREE. If your perpetual license is expired, upgrade for just 20% of the purchase price.

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