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alejandra13 03-06-2020 08:20 PM

Reagent v3 Miseq stability
Hello everyone!

I left reagent V3 in water bath at room temperature for roughly 3 hours. I got a low Q30 score and the cluster density was 1050 K/mm2.

Do you think that the thawing process could affect?

Thanks for your answers!

Saravanan 04-15-2020 12:31 AM

I kept the reagent cartridge in water bath for almost 2 hr and it was OK.
The cluster density 1050 K/mm2 is in normal range.
I think the quality of your sample might not good that's why you got low Q30 score. So, I don't think 3 hrs thawing might affect your seq.

Can you share your bioanalyzer result?

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