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nimmi 09-03-2010 08:43 AM

Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon 50MB kit vs 38MB kit

Did anyone use Agilent sureselect Human all exon 50MB kit? If so, could you please post pros and cons of this kit? How does it perform compared to Sureselect 38 MB?


upenn_ngs 09-03-2010 09:39 AM

We are also interested in this; From my understanding the 50Mb kit is more expensive but requires much less sequencing and therefore saves cost.

SureSelectGuru 11-19-2010 01:28 PM

ntremblay 11-30-2010 05:52 AM

At the end of the day, both kit are basically the same ... but the 50Mb kit gives a more comprehensive coverage of the actual exome (100% of CCDS - march 2009) and some miRNA and likes...

As for the sequencing, you'll need more data per sample to account for the increase of 12Mb of captured targets, but you'll end up with more data about it's exomic landscape.

thus, with multiplexing protocols available and increasing throughput of most sequencing platform, you'll pay more for you capture to yield more data but end up paying less for your sequencing ...

so my opinion would be to go with the 50Mb kit,

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