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marcowanger 08-14-2011 06:13 PM

[Important] You can help SEQanswers to get published
Dear all,

Have you learnt anything from SEQanswers, have you kept track of the papers using SEQanswers RSS bot? If yes, may you spare a minute to read the followings?

We are about to send out our manuscript to NAR database issue 2012 for our SEQanswers wiki. The founder ECO is generous to cover the publication fee. But you can help us!

Do you work in a institution with full NAR membership? If you are not sure you can test here using an institution's computer. You may need to create an account and test inside the account setting. If you do not work in institution, may you contact your friend / colleagues who work in such institution? Please kindly refer him/her to us.

Open-access publication fee is expensive.

I am not sure if authors want to disclose their email here. So just send to me for now /

If sending an email is too troublesome, just leave a message here. Be my guest.
Thanks for that.

Marco (member of wiki publishing team:cool:)

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