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BGI_Scott 11-26-2012 10:13 PM

Lead Biocurator Position, GigaScience/BGI Hong Kong
Lead Biocurator

Location: BGI, Hong Kong SAR

BGI, one of the world’s leading sequencing and bioinformatics centers, is developing their newly launched integrated journal and database that covers and hosts large-scale data studies. The GigaScience journal launched in July 2012 and a new look GigaDB release is intended for early 2013. This position offers the unique opportunity to assist in the curation and further development of a new generation of repositories and databases.

Job description:
The successful candidate will be aiding in the development and management of BGI’s public and private databases.

Job duties include:
• The curation and management of a variety of data-types
• Working with a team of editors, bioinformaticians and database administrators to compile and format large, highly-dimensional data sets
• QC of biological data
• The development and extension of standard formats, semantic support and data processing applications for biological data
• The management of data deposition and exchange
• The training and supervision of on-site staff

Qualifications and Experience:

Applicants should have a Master’s or doctoral degree in a relevant scientific field and previous experience working as a biocurator. Management experience is required. Experience with the use of minimal information checklists, exchange formats (e.g. ISA-Tab) and terminologies/ontologies is highly sought. Programming skills (e.g. Perl) and a background in working with high-throughput biological data in a unix environment would be highly advantageous. Familiarity with XML and SQL is also a plus, as is experience in database design and cloud computing.

The successful candidate must be flexible, detail-oriented and prepared to stay abreast of new biological data types as experimental technology changes.

For more information or to submit an application please contact:

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