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tellsparck 05-25-2015 07:38 PM

Problems with STAR alignment
I hope you can help me with a problem we ran into while aligning reads from a 100bp PE library with average insert size of 200bp. About 74% of the reads fall into the category "% of reads unmapped: too short". I also noticed that the average mapped length for this library is 184.4. Other libraries sequenced alongside had average mapped length little bit above 190 (still shorter than 200, but better) and their uniquely aligned percent is much better (75-80%).I do expect significant rRNA contamination because of the library prep method used. Given that the other libraries prepped and sequenced (in the same lane)along with the failed one performed better, could this be an issue with smaller insert size? Or is it a sequencing quality issue? Is there a way to "rescue" the failed library?
Thanks for your help!

jwfoley 05-26-2015 07:02 AM

Are you removing sequencing adapters? Maybe that library is all adapter dimers, so after they're trimmed there's nothing left.

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