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Julien Roux 04-10-2013 02:26 PM

Tophat: generate junctions.bed file from BAM file
Dear all,
I have previously mapped RNA-seq samples to the human genome using Tophat 2.0.6. This generated an "accepted_hits.bam" result file, and a "junctions.bed" file I am interested in for details on exon-exon junctions mapping.
To be sure to compare fairly my different samples, I want to downsample the BAM files to have the same number of mapped reads for each sample. This is pretty straighforward using samtools or picard.
Now I would like to regenerate new "junctions.bed" files from the downsampled BAM files. I couldn't find in the log files which program of the tophat package does that.
Anyone ever dealt with a similar issue? Any hint?
Thanks for your help

Julien Roux 04-12-2013 01:07 PM

I am in the process of writing a perl script that generates the file junctions.bed from a given tophat alignment BAM file and I discovered a small bug that sometimes affects the definition of the flanking regions covered by mapped reads next to the exon-exon junction. When there is an insertion or a deletion on one side of the junction, the number of flanking covered nucleotides is not counted correctly.
For example in the following cigar line 14M1I90M664N2M, there are 14+90 nucleotides covered on the left of the junction, but tophat erroneously counts only 14. The same thing happens when there is a deletion.

I thought this would be of interest for people working on related matters.

huma Asif 04-12-2013 01:18 PM

VCF file from lifescope
hi everyone
i need help in understanding the VCF file output
0/1: 13: 22: 13: 2,9: 2,6: 31,21
chr1 762273 . G A . PASS DP=22
At this site GT is 0/1 (i guess it is heterozygous) the confidence is not good GQ=13 largely because there are only 22 reads at this site DP= 22, why AD is 2,9 what i understand is it should be equal to DP
i read somewhere that this Sum can be smaller than DP because low-quality bases are not counted is it correct.
how will this FDP, AST and AMQV be interpreted?
Another question is
how i can correlate the SNPse to specific diseases by comparing allelic frequencies

pengchy 07-09-2013 07:47 PM

Hi Julien, very important information. Thank you.

I have the same needness, and find sam_juncs, component of tophat, can output the junction position information without depth and overhang.

The needness of a script to get junctions.bed from bam file produced by tophat is, from my point:
I want to subset the bam file by several different criteria and check the influence on the alternative splicing detection. This script will make the alignment unnecessary.

Thank you.

pengchy 08-18-2013 08:24 PM

There is a bug for sam_juncs script, which is 1 smaller than the output of bed_to_juncs script.
here is the example:
output of sam_juncs

Scaffold184317  456    11046  +
Scaffold184317  11239  21151  +
Scaffold184317  21385  29565  +
Scaffold184317  34619  60733  +
Scaffold184317  61209  68778  +
Scaffold184317  69066  75556  +
Scaffold184317  75631  84372  +
Scaffold184317  75631  102072  +
Scaffold184317  104376  112269  -
Scaffold184317  112465  115516  -
Scaffold184317  115669  115888  -
Scaffold184317  116034  116975  -
Scaffold184317  117130  117392  -
Scaffold184317  117631  123099  -
Scaffold184317  123260  134557  -

here is the output of bed_to_juncs

Scaffold184317  457    11046  +
Scaffold184317  11240  21151  +
Scaffold184317  21386  29565  +
Scaffold184317  34620  60733  +
Scaffold184317  61210  68778  +
Scaffold184317  69067  75556  +
Scaffold184317  75632  84372  +
Scaffold184317  75632  102072  +
Scaffold184317  104377  112269  -
Scaffold184317  112466  115516  -
Scaffold184317  115670  115888  -
Scaffold184317  116035  116975  -
Scaffold184317  117131  117392  -
Scaffold184317  117632  123099  -
Scaffold184317  123261  134557  -

trackavinash 01-14-2016 04:19 PM

Try regtools -, the `junctions extract` command will do this.

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