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SamH 05-17-2013 04:02 PM

Washington State University: Computational Biology and Comparative Genomics
Please see the following link:

This position seeks an experienced and motivated scientist with a comprehensive background in Computational Biology and Comparative Genomics. You will have the opportunity to discover genes and pathways involved in animal development, physiology and disease susceptibility by applying your knowledge in DNA and RNA sequence analysis, bioinformatics, and pathogen genomics. You must have the ability to prioritize multiple tasks while thinking critically about rapidly-evolving scientific problems. You will play a key role in driving projects forward, and you must have a demonstrated ability to motivate others to work towards common goals. The ability to communicate clearly across scientific boundaries will be important for success. You will be working at the forefront of challenging cutting-edge technology, driving new experiments through evidence-based hypotheses, and developing new computational methods for sequence analysis and comparative genomics.

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