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Tatanka 03-30-2012 08:02 AM

Hello from CU Boulder
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gaddy, and I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder, in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO). I am in the Fierer Lab, and in the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES). We study soil microbial communities, and plant and animal microbiomes, which is where I come in. My research is on the bison gut microbiome, which is why I chose the handle "Tatanka." :)

In our lab, we use 454 GS-FLX and Illumina HiSeq pyrosequencing. We also use the QIIME data pipeline to analyze the data we receive from these methods.

I wanted to join this forum to learn more about bioinformatics, and to meet others in my field. Looking forward to getting to know folks here and what they do soon.

DanFrost 03-30-2012 09:37 AM

Welcome Gaddy! My name is Dan and I actually live up in Bozeman, Montana. Insofar, I have found SEQAnswers to be a valuable resource and a friendly place for discussion.

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