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Post-doctoral fellow; genome assembly and analysis, Gif-sur-Yvette (France)
The “Institut national de la Recherche Agronomique” (INRA) is starting a new ANR-funded project to study genome structural variation in maize. This project will be based on the assembly of whole genome shotgun datasets from a European maize line. This work will be complementary to other sequencing international efforts on other maize lines. The main goal will be to characterize line-specific genomic regions in order to build a maize pangenome containing European-specific sequences. This resource will be crucial to describe the extent of maize structural variation and its contribution to agronomical traits.

Job description
A post-doctoral position is immediately available at the UMR de Génétique Végétale (Gif-sur-Yvette, 10km from Paris) to work on whole-genome assembly of maize genome. Datasets will include sequence data from Roche/454 and Solexa platforms. The main goal will be to discover and characterize regions of the maize genome that are specific to a European line. These genomic regions will be included in a maize pangenomic sequence and will serve as a resource to build a maize Comparative Genomic Hybridization array in close collaboration with the Nimblegen company and the P. Schnable lab in Ames (Iowa, USA). The successful candidate will work with two bioinformatics groups at INRA and Biogemma and will benefit expertise from the French National Sequencing facility (“Centre National de Séquençage” (CNS), Evry).

  • A PhD in bioinformatics or related area
  • Knowledge of next generation sequencing technologies and the data produced by these platforms
  • Strong background in sequence analysis and genome assembly
  • Advanced skill in the use of Perl or a comparable scripting language to program, modify, analyze, and organize data
  • Experience with cluster computing

The duration of the position will be at least 2 years and is funded by ANR

To apply: send by email a CV, statement of research interests, and the names and contact information for three references.

Applications and inquiries should be addressed to:

Johann Joets, PhD
Head of the lab Bioinformatics Group


Stéphane Nicolas, PhD
CNV_maize project PI

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