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M4TTN 07-02-2019 01:41 AM

Second hand HiSeq2500 - queries
Hi there, has anyone experienced transfer of ownership of an Illumina sequencer?

Will these work without an active service contract?

We have been offered a HiSeq2500 at a very low price (free..), but don't do a great deal of sequencing, 1-2 runs per month externally on a NextSeq500 and 1-2 runs per month internally on a MiSeq. We are wondering if the rapid run mode of the HiSeq2500 might make sense. Similar output to NextSeq, and much cheaper costing (even cheaper than MiSeq), but HiSeq2500 service contract would be prohibitive for us. Thanks!

GenoMax 07-02-2019 04:01 AM

If you only plan to do one or two runs a month it may not be worth your time. Sequencers have fine capillaries, complex electronics and are generally happier when run reasonably continuously. The machine will run for a time but you are going to inevitably need service on it at some point and then things will get rather expensive fast, without a service contract.

Illumina is actively trying to wean people off older HiSeq. Even though reagents are supposed to remain available for another 2-4 years, their price has been going up steadily. So the rapid runs you find attractive now will likely cost more every passing year.

That said, since the price is right (free) and if you are willing to gamble away some of your time/effort, you will be able to get some sequencing out of the machine.

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