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drops 11-30-2020 09:33 AM

Nanopore library on top of an Illumina library
Hi all,
we don't have the original aliquote of an old sample, but we have an Illumina Nextera Flex library in the freezer.

I am aware that the ends are y-shaped, correct? Anyone of you have a fancy protocol to remodel/fill/modify those ends that I can do a Nanopore library on top?


luc 11-30-2020 09:45 AM

No remodeling needed.
All Nextera libraries are PCR amplified to be sequenceable. After the PCR amplification they are wonderfully double-stranded throughout and should be blunt-ended (if a high-fidelity polymerase was used).

BTW, Truseq-style libraries have Y-adapters; Nextera/transposase libraries work differently.

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