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plabaj 01-05-2017 07:39 AM

Oxford Nanopore ‘Wiggle Space’ Challenge
Dear Colleagues,

The Call for Contributions to CAMDA @ISMB/ECCB is now open!

Several gut microbiota samples had their DNA sequenced both by Nanopore long read next-next-generation sequencing as well as more established Illumina sequencing technology (Mason lab, New York, original unpublished data). Additional ‘mystery’ samples provide an independent blind test.

Questions of interest include, but are not limited to
  • Technical: Improve base-calling, assembly, and signal level models of the Nanopore data with the reference sequences and/or Illumina sequencing serving as benchmark. We have samples with biological and samples with technical replicates.
  • Biological: Meta-genomics: Detection, discrimination, and abundance quantification of species. For some training samples, relative abundances are known (synthetic mixes). Sequence / functional predictive analysis of pathogenicity. And: Analysis and identification of the ‘mystery’ sample!

Check also other CAMDA challenges!

Join us for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions in Prague 22-23 July 2017!

Follow us on twitter @CAMDA_conf

See you in Prague!

ymc 01-10-2017 07:35 PM

Interesting. So the idea is to use your data and submit paper to the conference?

plabaj 01-10-2017 10:44 PM


There are in fact two Submission Options:
  1. Full methods research papers can be submitted to the regular ISMB Proceedings Track (note 26th of January ISMB Proceedings deadline!), specifying CAMDA as intended target audience.
  2. Extended abstracts of late breaking methods research or analyses of the CAMDA challenge data sets can be submitted by the CAMDA submission deadline in May. Extended abstracts should include at least preliminary key results and figures. Based on the extended abstract, the scientific committee selects teams to present their work at the CAMDA conference, where updated results need to be shown.

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