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Portah 03-04-2015 01:18 PM

Wardrobe Web-based Experiment Management System
NGS analysis these days is in high demand and frequently it is a bulk analysis before some point. There is commercial software with/without cloud solution like Illumina BaseSpace or Galaxy which is more bioinformatic oriented. The actual consumers are biologist and there is a lack of noncommercial software that is friendly to them.

A year ago I've made a post about my program Wardrobe Since then we have improved. So I decided to repeat the post with updated information.

At the beginning I did not target a specific segment, but now Wardrobe, fulfills Core Facility requirements. Wardrobe was preferably designed for an epigenetic research (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq), but it can be adopted for other needs. Wardrobe is a standalone software, which can be installed even on a desktop computer (for some tools to work you have to have 32Gb RAM (STAR RNA)). I run it on a server with 4 CPUs 256G RAM and throughput is approx. 30 NGS experiments a day and the actual bottleneck is a storage read/write speed (in my case it is 160Mbit/sec). The way how Wardrobe works is really simple: NGS data from Sequencing Core (they use Illumina) automatically goes into Wardrobe, where pipelines preprocess it and make it possible to visualize in different ways. The main idea is to present the data in the way how biologists expect it.

The limited demo version of Wardrobe functionality is available at

The whole information about Wardrobe can be found at

The latest version has improvements that are not included in demo version like R integration, fasta download of peak regions ...

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