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LindsayJY 04-08-2015 05:41 AM

What software is ACTUALLY needed for ABI 3730xL
We are purchasing a 3730xL for my clinical lab and I feel like I'm not getting straight answers from the company about the software bundle we actually need to purchase. We use our current 3500xL in two ways: 1) perform fragment analysis, then open the .fsa files in GeneMapper and perform all analyses; 2) perform sequencing on the 3500xL, then open the .ab1 files in Mutation Surveyor to view electropherograms and do the complete analysis. We use no other software (besides the Data Collection software, obviously).

The company is trying to tell me that Sequence Analysis Software 6 (abbreviated to SEQA) is needed on the new 3730xL computer. But it sounds to me like it is simply a different option for analyzing sequencing files. We have NEVER opened SEQA. So my question is, is SEQA in fact needed for the instrument to run and collect data? Because if not, we're not going to pay 5k for it! We already have Mutation Surveyor on all the necessary computers.

Additionally, they are trying to tell me that GeneMapper MUST be on the 3730xL computer (version 5, while the rest of our computers use version 4.1), vaguely stating that Data Collection does not work without it. Again, I feel this is not correct, because as far as I can tell, GeneMapper is an ANALYSIS software for post-analysis of .fsa files. Additionally, this means we would need to purchase a full license for the 3730xL computer, and then several new client licenses to upgrade the lab PCs, because supposedly .fsa files created on the 3730xL cannot be opened in GeneMapper v4.1.

Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but I feel like neither SEQA nor GeneMapper is required to run 3730xL protocols, and they are simply trying to get us to spend more money. I'd appreciate any help. I am not a software expert by any means.

fisher7332 05-23-2015 12:13 AM


I assume your new 3730xl computer was installed Data Collection 4.0, which is only compatible with Win 7.
SA6 and GM5 are only compatible with Win 7 as well.

If you don't installed these two software, you will not be able to create/set up sequencing analysis or fragment analysis(GeneMapper) plate in your DC 4.0.

You might choose WinXP installed DC 3.0, SA 5.3.1, and GM 4.0 as a alternative option, if your company does not require all computers to upgrade to Win 7. These software have no annual licence issue. You might find some vendors who can offer you this service other than LifeTech.

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