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amateur 09-01-2017 03:13 PM

HINT Footprinting analysis for ATAC-Seq
Hi everyone,

I am new at ATAC-Seq data analysis, and I have a few questions. I apologize in advance if these questions are basic, and/or if I am using the wrong syntax in these questions.

1) I have run F-Seq on bed files, which generated wiggle and npf files. Several of each type. What do these files represent? In other words, what do I do with them?

2) I intend to run HINT footprinting analysis. I read through some of the tutorials online, but I'm still unclear on the input. Do I use the bam and bed files that I used for F-Seq? Or do I somehow use the output from F-Seq as input for HINT? Pardon if this question doesn't make sense. Any clarity will help.

Thanks in advance!

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