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mcholay 05-24-2017 03:02 AM

MinION adapter
Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum and I hope to start testing the MinION technology very soon with DNA/amplicons. But I have question about sequencing-adapters :
- what kind of sequence/domain is needed on these adapters ?
- can we used our specific sequencing primers ?


lorendarith 05-30-2017 07:04 AM

What do you mean with sequencing-adapter?

If you want to sequence amplicons, you just amplify them with your own PCR primers, clean up the PCR reactions afterwards to get rid of everything except the DNA fragments and use that as input for nanopore sequencing.

There are several kits you can choose from to prepare your amplicons into nanopore libraries, but the best approach would be to use the kit which just ligates nanopore adapters to your amplicons. There are also other kits which add these adapters to your DNA fragment via transposase activitiy, but if your amplicons are already 10kb or shorter it's waste to fragment your amplicons even further with this kit.

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