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Geneious 09-01-2011 01:04 AM

Beautiful Genome Browsing in Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta
Beautiful Genome Browsing: New in Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta
Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta has a beautiful new Genome Browser for browsing whole genomes or chromosomes with multiple tracks of metadata and stunning visualization. We've made it incredibly easy too! For example, you can download a chromosome (or all of them) of the human genome (or any other available genome) inside Geneious Pro from the Genome database at NCBI, then click on the "Annotate & Predict" menu and select "Download Annotation Tracks" to import all the genome annotation tracks made freely available by the Broad Institute. That's it, start exploring!

Want to know more?
Click the interactive minimap to select a region you want to display in the sequence viewer, or click the Go To Base icon in the options panel to navigate to any position rapidly. If you want to create custom tracks, go to the "Annotate & Predict" menu and choose "Compare Annotations". New annotations or tracks will be created for any annotations that you compare. If you want to filter the annotations in any way, simply use the new real-time annotation filter.

Over 50 new features in Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta
In addition to the beautiful new genome browser, Geneious Po 5.5 Beta has a massive range of new features and improvements. Some of the highlights include:
  • Call variants more accurately: Set a minimum coverage, a minimum variant frequency or a p-value threshold. Run with confidence on 454 data correcting for homopolymer errors.
  • Get better, faster support with the new Support Button: The Support Button captures all the important information we need to diagnose your problems faster such as OS, Geneious version, Java version and more without you having to enter it manually.
  • Share your results with the new Share Button: Excited about your results? Want to tell your supervisor, your friends, or even the world? Click the new Share Button to share via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • 1-step multi-site gateway cloning
  • Primer spreadsheet import from csv or tsv
  • Call variants in sample only (ignores reference)
  • New graph to show distribution of paired-distances
  • Test primers with subsets of primers
  • Distance matrix view on alignments
  • For a thorough list of features, see what's new in Geneious Pro 5.5 Beta

Read the full customer email.

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