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Geneious 10-10-2011 07:03 AM

Geneious Server 1.5 Now Available
Geneious Server empowers biologists by connecting them to powerful Linux-only software algorithms and high-performance hardware resources such as clusters. Geneious Server 1.5 includes the ability to connect to clusters using MOAB/Torque in addition to Oracle's SGE and Platform Computing's LSF, adds support for Queue Licenses that enable multiple authenticated users to share access to the server and features TopHat for mapping millions of RNA-Seq reads against a reference genome in minutes. Watch the 'What's new Video', learn more on the features page, or contact our sales team today!
"We bought Geneious to work with Illumina datasets, and were delighted in its power and intuitive interface. It really takes advantage of multi-core processing, assembling tens of millions of reads to a reference sequence in minutes."
Dr. Matthew Cabeen, Harvard University
New features of Geneious Server
Architectural improvements and new features in this release of Geneious Server include:

TopHat: The most well-known, peer-reviewed and trusted mapper of RNA-Seq data, TopHat, is now available through Geneious Server.
PBS/Torque: Want to connect your Geneious Server to a cluster with PBS/Torque? Geneious Server now supports PBS Pro and MOAB on the Torque scheduler in addition to Oracle's SGE and LSF.
Queue Licenses: Geneious Server now supports Queue Licenses that enable multiple users to share access to the server and only limits the number of jobs that can run on the server at any one time. Is this the right licensing option for you? Enquire now!
Activate GSALs from Geneious Pro: Geneious Server Access Licenses can now be activated from Geneious Pro alleviating burdensome IT administration of users. Activation uses secure authentication via LDAP to ensure that all sensitive data remains protected.

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