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JamesRA 08-23-2018 05:23 AM

MiSeq HT run instead of LT (Wrong sample sheet)
One of our users incorrectly inputted 'HT' on the sample sheet instead of 'LT' and then sequenced. I have now changed the Index to the correct Index via MiSeq reporter after the run has completed, (HT option brings up a drop down list of 8bp indexes instead of the standard 6bp LT indexes) and reanalysed the data by requeuing. My question is whether the fact that the HT option was selected changed the run and therefore the data produced in any meaningful way (compared to an LT run)?

Thanks for your help.

GSviral 08-23-2018 11:19 PM

Hi James,

As far as I'm aware there will not be any change in the raw data produced by the run after changing the HT to LT. I believe it simply allows the correct indexes to be assigned that were actually used during library preparation, allowing demultiplexing to occur during the analysis.

I've re-queued runs before due to one or two indexes being incorrectly assigned during set up and after the analysis the data was the same apart from the indexes being correctly assigned.

I hope this helps!

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