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Daviesa91 07-08-2014 07:54 AM

Alternatives to Ampliseq
Afternoon All,

Does anyone know of an alternative to AmpliSeq? We have custom AmpliSeq panels that I would want to use with the kits.

Thanks :)

tyfach 07-08-2014 08:52 AM

Do you mean an alternative target enrichment platform to AmpliSeq for custom panels? You could try Haloplex...

Daviesa91 07-08-2014 09:31 AM

Thanks for that. I will keep this in mind for other projects. But unfortunately an alternative target enrichment platform is not what I am after. To clarify, I want an alternative library prep Kit that is compatible to the custom AmpliSeq primer panels.


tyfach 07-09-2014 05:15 AM

Ah - I see - is this because of the cost or the workflow?
If you are doing custom panels, is it because they are always at least 2 pools (so 2 library kits / 8 samples)? If so, you can cut the volume of the initial PCR to 10ul (still using 10ng DNA per pool) and then combine the 2 pool products and perform the rest of the workflow as if it was a 1 pool panel.
Otherwise, no, I don't think there's an alternative...

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