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OptimusBrien 01-24-2011 09:46 AM

Amplification of ChIP'd DNA before library prep
Hey Guys,
Does anyone have first hand experience of amplifying ChIP'd DNA before preparing an Illumina library? For reasons I will not go into hear I need to amplify my material. I've seen suggestions of a protocol involving amplification followed by concatenation of the amplified fragments and subsequent fragmentation of the concatenated DNA. But have had difficulty finding somebody with first hand experience whose brain I can pick :confused: If anyone has any experience I'd really appreciate some help

mira636 07-12-2012 12:26 PM

Also interested in this topic

I'm looking into amplifying my Chip'd DNA as well before library preparation. I currently have Chip'd DNA in the pg range and I need to amplify up to 20ng. What protocol did you end up doing?

Thanks in advance!

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