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mikhmv 05-23-2014 07:29 AM

BioDT-Lab. public resource for bioinformaticians
Sorry for repost. Looks like this announcement well fit to this topic

BioDatomics has launched its BioDT Labs program, which offers free,
cloud-based access for qualified bioinformaticians to BioDatomics'
Hadoop-powered bioanalytics platform. BioDT Labs differs from
BioDatomics' commercial offering in that Labs is always running the most
advanced and experimental version of BioDT. In exchange for being
willing to assess the latest version of the platform, bioinformaticians
receive unlimited free use of it. The resource may be used to import,
build or edit workflows using the drag-and-drop interface; run analyses
using BioDatomics' cloud-based Hadoop infrastructure, which
significantly accelerates turnaround times; reap insights from results
presented in both graphic and query-able table formats.

Participation in the BioDT Labs program is by invitation only. To apply,
please go to .

The members for Biodtlab will be selected by applications.

We are planing to start another installation "Community" where any user will be able to register without limitations. The planning starting date for a "Community server" is in a middle of June.

DevThomas 06-25-2020 12:24 AM

Thanks for your post.

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