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stormin 08-27-2014 06:18 PM

Illumina HiSeq2500 data
I am trying to determine the method used to generate my RNAseq data. On the Illumina website, the read length are either 1*36bp or 2*50bp. My fastq reads are non-strand-specific and non-paired sequences of 50bp each. I'm not sure how to interpret this...

Brian Bushnell 08-27-2014 06:38 PM

The HiSeq platform can generate reads of various lengths, strand-specific or non-strand-specific, paired or unpaired; 1x50 and 2x50 runs are both possible. It might help if you posted the first two reads (first 8 lines) of the fastq file here, but I'm not really sure what your question is.

nucacidhunter 08-27-2014 06:51 PM

Illumina has various kits for RNAseq library prep. As Brian has pointed, libraries from all kits can be sequenced for various length and also as single read or paired read. Core centre or person preparing libraries should be able to provide information on kit and method used for library prep.

stormin 08-27-2014 09:00 PM

That make sense. Thanks!

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