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seqsuave 03-14-2019 01:35 PM

AmpliSeq vs TruSeq
Now that Illumina sells AmpliSeq, I am trying understanding the difference between AmpliSeq for Illumina and TruSeq Targeted panels. From what I can tell AmpliSeq can probe for more targets, and deal with lower input and lower sample quality.
Are there any other big differences I am missing between those libraries prep methods?

Also, what experience or opinions does anyone have when comparing these two kits?

labking 06-13-2019 12:42 AM

So, we had to change from TSCA to AmpliSeq. My experience about AmpliSeq right now that this is not as good as TSCA. There is not advantage regarding library preperation, it is just different. How to analyze the AmpliSeq data was difficult since I needed the Tech Support. A manual where everything is written down would be helpful.
First of all, the in silico coverage is lower when designing a new panel with exactly the same content as for TSCA. For TSCA we had a 100% coverage and for AmpliSeq just around 98%. We would require concierge to fill this gap but this would take another three months. Secondly, the higher the number of amplicons the lower the in silico coverage. Well, this is normal but way worse than for TSCA. Finally, we ordered a panel where the in silico coverage was a 100% but one amplicon dropped out. This was not worse as for TSCA.
I would like to knoe the experience by other users. Or is it us?

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